Leadership: Defined

In Campus Life, we define leadership in congruence with the Leadership Minor. Visually, we see ethical, strategic leadership growing from and being guided by the internal values in the self. The TRUEMU Leader lives authentically in line with their values, engages in meaningful relationships, and actively responds to the needs of their community to move towards positive social change.

Ethical Leadership concept mapA leader is characterized--

  • Intra-personally...
    • Values-based
    • Self-aware of one's identity
  • Interpersonally...
    • Open-minded
    • Multiculturally competent
  • Societally...
    • Strategically-minded
    • Active citizen

Leadership Opportunities

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Emerging Leaders Series

An introductory leadership program designed for incoming first years, second years, or transfer students.


An application-based 6-day intensive leadership retreat open to all students.  The application deadline for LeaderShape 2016 has now passed.  Check back early in 2017 for more information!

Reading and Leading

Reading and Leading is a shared reading experience taking place once in the fall, and again in the winter.  There are four meetings in the fall, and as long as a student attends all four, they earn LBC2 credit.  To learn more, click here.


Individual support that can go towards registration fees of leadership conferences

Leadership Exchange

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As a college student, do you ever really get a complete picture of the city you live in? Have you spent time in the most exciting parts as well as the parts you might not like to think about due to poverty, homelessness, and hunger? It might not surprise you that most cities have both of these in spades.

You have TWO options for doing this, this March from the 4th-8th.


Take a little time to experience the issues facing much of the population of Cleveland through activities such as urban farming and meal services. You'll meet the people affected by hunger and the people dedicated to addressing it. You might be surprised by how much you learn in a few days in this town!
By the end of this trip, you will understand the core aspects of food justice on all its levels, and will know the city of Cleveland like a native. Tour the vibrant districts of Ohio City and East 4th Street to experience the highest reaches of Cleveland dining and Cleveland pride, and immerse yourself in the arts and culture of the University Circle museums!  You'll start to see the same qualities in your own cities, and learn how to do something about it.  Spend a weekend in Cleveland, OH and get to know what the Forest City is really like! 

This is CLE, and it's every city across the country. Experience it for real.


How well do you know Detroit? During the first few days of spring break, you can experience the art and excitement of the Motor City, as well as the aspects of any big city that movies and universities don't love to talk about.

Through this leadership exchange, you will face the issues of hunger and homeless head-on. You'll work with other students in places like shelters and community gardens, and connect those experiences to Cleveland and other cities through learning and discussion. Both Cleveland and Detroit are Midwest cities with plenty of lesser-known fun and culture, right alongside persisting causes and effects of poverty.

We believe that in a few days in Detroit, you'll be well-versed in the issues of hunger and homelessness, and the prevailing social justice issues. You'll also see how these issues are not very different from city to city, and will return to your home cty eager and capable to make some changes in your community.

This trip will take place March 4th-8th, and will be preceded by informational meetings.

There is a required 100.00 deposit upon acceptance to the program, which will be refunded if you participate fully.


Multicultural Leadership Experience

In collaboration with the Center for Multicultural Affairs, MLE is a 3-tier, credit-bearing leadership experience that will take you on the three levels of our leadership vision particularly related to social justice and multicultural diversity.  Click the link above for more information coming soon! 


Leadership Awards

Gold Medallion Awards

The prestigious Gold Medallion Awards recognize exceptional achievements by members of the Eastern Michigan University community who demonstrate a commitment to student engagement through significant ongoing contributions.  Award winners are individually recognized for their efforts and receive an inscribed gift to commemorate their achievement.

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