Eastern Michigan University

Navigating the Address Book

There are two types of address books supported in the EagleMail web client, the Global Address List (GAL) and personal address books.

The Global Address list (a.k.a. University address book) contains a list of people and lists that have an @emich.edu email address. This list makes it convenient to address email messages, share EagleMail objects (e.g. folders, address books, calendars, tasks, documents, and briefcases).

The EagleMail Address Book tab is where you can store your personal contact information (a.k.a. personal address books). By default, Contacts and Emailed Contacts personal address books are created for you. You can add people and businesses to these address books. The Emailed Contacts address book is populated when you send an email to a new address that is not in currently listed.

Note: You can also create additional address books and share them with others. As an example, you might create an address book in a departmental (non-person) account and enter any shared contacts. Now you only need to keep one address book up-to-date and share it with everyone in your office.

To navigate through a list of contacts in an address book:

  1. Click the Address Book tab to view a list of your address books.
    Navigating the Address Book
  2. From the left navigation bar, click to select the address book you want to work with.
  3. You can navigate through your address book by clicking on a letter in the alphabet listed across the top of the Content pane.

    Note: This will display a list of contacts starting with that letter. You can also click on the All button and then use the Forward and Back Arrow buttons to navigate through all of your contacts.