Eastern Michigan University

Calendar Views

To view a calendar, select the Calendar tab. Your calendar (named "Calendar") opens in the Work Week view by default, the first time you access the Calendar tab. You can view your calendar several different ways. Calendar Views

The views are as follows:

  • Day - one day's activities
  • Work Week - displays Monday through Friday activities - this is the default view
  • Week - displays seven days of activities. From the Preferences -> Calendar tab, you can select which day is the first day of the week.
  • Month - displays one month's activities. When you click on date in this view, the focus changes to that day so you can see a detailed view of the day.
  • List - displays you calendar of events in a list format.
  • Schedule - Used when you have more than one calendar. Each calendar is displayed in a separate column.

Note: We recommend the Week View as your default view. To set your default view:

  1. Navigate to the Preferences tab and then click the Calendar tab.
  2. Click the Default View pull-down arrow and select 7 Day Week View from the list.
  3. If desired, click the Start week on pull-down arrow and choose your preferred first day of the week from the list.
  4. when you are finished, click the Save button.