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Reading & Printing Messages

There are two ways to view your email messages. The Message view displays a list of individual messages with the most recent message displayed first. Unread messages are shown in bold, and information about each email message such as flags, tags, from, attachment presence, subject, folder location, size of the message, and the time the message was received, are all displayed on one line. This is the default view for the EagleMail Inbox folder.

The Conversation view displays your messages grouped by subject, which allows you to manage an entire conversation (or thread of messages) rather than individual messages. Conversations are grouped by the “Subject” field and consist of the original message and all replies, including your own, and messages that may be stored in other folders. Conversations can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the little triangle in the far left column or by double-clicking the conversation. Gmail users will be familiar with the conversation view.

Follow these directions to read and print an email message:

  1. When you log in to EagleMail, your Inbox folder is displayed using the Message view.

    Note: To sort the Inbox folder email messages the by name, click the From column header. To use the Conversation view, click the View button and select By Coversation from the list.
    Reading Messages
  2. From the Message pane, click a message to view it in the Reading pane.

    Note: When you click a message, it marks the message as read. To mark a message as unread, right-click the message and select Mark as Unread from the list.
    Reading Messages
  3. To print the message, click the Print button on the toolbar and click the OK button from the Print window.

    Note: To print an email message in a larger font: 1) click the Print button on the toolbar. A Print window is displayed. 2) Click the Cancel button. In the upper-right of the message, 3) click the Font Size plus sign (+) to increase the font size. 4) When you are finished, click File from the browser's menu bar and select Print from the list. 5) Click the OK or Print button to print the email message. To print multiple messages, select the messages you want to print and click the Print button on the toolbar. This will insure the printing is well-formatted and easy to read.
    Reading Messages
  4. To open an attachment, click the file name of the attachment.

    Note: You can click the Download or Download all attachments link to download one or all attachments in a message.
    Reading Messages
  5. The File Download dialog box is displayed. Click the Open or Save button depending on what you plan to do with the attachment.
  6. Click the OK button.

    Reading Messages
    Note: Depending on your choice, the file will either download (Save File) or open (Open with).