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Searching in EagleMail

The search tool in EagleMail is so powerful that you can search by specific words, dates, attachment type yet simple enough that you just need to know how to click and type a few words to narrow down your search.

EagleMail offers two ways to search:

  • Search: This is the quickest way to locate what you are looking for in EagleMail simply by typing in the Search bar's Search box and clicking the Search button. You can even narrow down your search to a specific folder.
  • Advanced Search: This powerful search tool allows you to search by a wide range of criteria, including dates, times, size, attachment types, status, and much more.

    Note: See Flagging Messages for Follow Up for an example of advanced searching and saving a search.

Right-Click Search | Search | Advanced Search

Right-Click Search

You can quickly right-click an email message and find all email messages associated with the sender.

Follow these directions to perform a right-click search:

  1. Right-click an email message that contains the email address of the sender, select Find Emails... and then either Received From Sender or Sent To Sender from the list.

    Note: Received From Sender will search for any email messages in your account that were received from the sender of the selected email message. Sent To Sender will search for any email messages in your account that were sent by you to the sender of the selected email message.
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Follow these directions to perform a search in a specific folder:

Note: Before you can search in a specific email folder for email message sent from a specific person, you must enable the Search Language preference. See Enabling the Search Language Preference for more information.
  1. From the Folder List, click to select the folder you want to search in.
    Searching in EagleMail
  2. The path of the folder you selected is displayed in the Find field. Type From: followed by the name of the person that sent the email message you are looking for, appended to the end of the folder path.

    Note: Type To: followed by the name of the person, when looking for an email message that you sent to someone.
  3. When you are finished, press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.
    Searching in EagleMail

Advanced Search

Follow these directions to perform an advanced search:

  1. From the Search bar, click the Advanced button.
    Searching in EagleMail
  2. The Advanced Search area will be displayed. Click any buttons on the toolbar that relate to what you are looking for (a.k.a. search criteria).
  3. The respective search boxes will be displayed. Refine your search criteria using the options in the search boxes. The search will execute each time you add to your search criteria.

    Note: As an example, locate all email messages in your mail file from a specific person, type their name in the From: field in the Basic Search box. Refine the search to look for email messages sent before a certain date using the Date search box. Further refine the search to search only in specific folders using the Folders search box.
    Searching in EagleMail
  4. The search results are listed below your search criteria. To refresh the Search Results, click the Search button in the Search bar.

    Note: To save your search criteria for repeat use, click the Save button on the Search bar and give it a name.
    Searching in EagleMail
  5. When you are finished, click the Close button.
    Searching in EagleMail