Eastern Michigan University

Tasks - Overview

EagleMail tasks let you create to-do lists and manage tasks through to completion. You can add tasks to the default Tasks list, and you can create other task lists to organize your to-do list by more specific activities, such as by work or personal projects. With EagleMail task list you:

  • do not need to rely on your memory to remember what tasks need to be done for a particular project
  • can prioritize what you need to do by high, normal, and low
  • can filter tasks by status - Not Started, Completed, In Progress, Waiting on Someone Else, and Deferred
  • can print a single task, selected tasks, or a task folder (list)
  • easily organize tasks by clicking and dragging to move tasks between task lists
  • can keep on top of deadlines because you can sort tasks by status or due date
  • can stay organized by attaching as many supporting files as you want, up to 50MB each
Tasks Overview