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Subjects: Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Health Admin, Psychiatry, Public Health
Info type: scholarly articles, professional articles

Search for and request items in many Michigan libraries
Info type: book info, library holdings
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
Descriptive listings of commercially published educational and psychological tests and scales as well as reviews of many of those tests and scales.
Subjects: Personality Tests, Educational Tests, Aptitude Tests, Neuropsychological Tests, Achievement Tests, Intelligence Tests, Speech & Hearing Tests
Info type: descriptions of tests, reviews of tests
Access Tips: Up to 4 users at a time. If you don’t get in, try again later.

Michigan Authors and Illustrators
Searchable directory of authors who are from or who write about Michigan.
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/

Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) e-books
Subjects: Most Subjects
Info type: Full text e-books
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/databases

Michigana: Sources in U.S. History Online
Subjects: Michigan history
Info type: Primary source documents, including state and regional histories, travel guides, biographies, speeches and more.

Microbiology Journals (American Society for Microbiology, ASM)
NOTE: There will be a 1 year embargo on 2013 issues of these journals.
Subjects: Biology, Microbiology
Info type: scholarly articles

Military and Intelligence Database
Covers all aspects of the past and current state of military affairs, including governmental policies, the socioeconomic effects of war, the structure of the armed forces, and more.
Info type: scholarly journals, magazines, reports

Mintel Market Research Reports
Subject: Market research for consumer products in U.S. and Europe
Info type: market research reports, customer demographics, competitive analysis, market-share analysis, articles on market trends
Access Tips: Academic use only.

MLA Bibliography
Subjects: Literature, Folklore, Film, Theater, Languages, Linguistics
Info type: scholarly articles, book info
How To: ProQuest Basics

MLA Directory of Periodicals
Information on the journals indexed in the MLA Bibliography
Info type: publication information, submission information