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R2 Digital Library
The R2 Digital Library is an electronic collection of current health and medical books. Info type: Medical, nursing, and allied health e-books

Readers Guide Retrospective (1890 - 1982)
Index to the contents of popular periodicals from 1890 - 1982
Subjects: History, Popular Culture
Info type: magazine articles
Access Tips: Often these will only be available at the library in paper or microform

RECAL Legacy
Subjects: Prosthetics, Orthotics, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation
Info type: scholarly articles, conference papers, book info
Access Tips: No content added after 2007. No Findtext+, use Journals by Title to find articles.

Religious and Theological Abstracts
Subjects: Religion, Theology
Info type: scholarly articles

Research in Context
A database designed for junior high and middle school students, grades 6 to 8.
Subjects:: Covering the most-studied topics in literature, science, social studies, and U.S. and world history
Info type:: magazine articles, news articles, encyclopedia entries, news transcripts
Access Tips:: Also available via http://mel.org/

RIA Checkpoint .... See Checkpoint Tax Law

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature (via EBSCOhost)
Subjects: Music, Dance, Ethnomusicology, Music Therapy, Music Education
Info type: scholarly articles, magazine articles, conference papers, book info, essays, book chapters, dissertations

RMA eStatement Studies
Financial ratio benchmark data from RMA Annual Statement Studies (was Robert Morris)
Subjects: Industry Ratios, Benchmark Statistics, Industry Default Probabilities, Cash Flow Measures, Balance Sheet Analysis, Risk Measures
Info type: statistics
Access Info: If your industry isn't covered by RMA, try these sources of industry ratios.
Instruction: RMA Webseminar