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SAGE Journals Online
Journals from the publisher Sage
Subjects: Various, including Communications & Media, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Info Technology, Business
Info type: scholarly journals

SAGE Knowledge E-books and E-Reference
E-books and reference sources from the publisher SAGE.
Subjects: Many subjects, including African American Studies, Anthropology, Business Ethics, Communication, Criminology, Economics, Education, Gender Studies, History, Politics, Psychology, Social Issues, Social Work, Sociology.
Info type: encyclopedia articles, e-books

Sanborn Insurance Maps - Michigan
Detailed historical town and city maps from 1880s to 1950s
Subjects: Historic Preservation, Local History, Geography, Genealogy
Info type: maps

Science Citation Index
Search for articles in Science journals and see which articles cite an article
Subjects: Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine
Info type: scholarly articles, conference papers

ScienceDirect - Elsevier
Journals from the publisher Elsevier
Subjects: Various, including Physical Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Info Technology, Social Sciences, Business, Linguistics
Info type: scholarly articles

SciFinder Scholar
Search Chemical Abstracts. Also access CAS Registry of >20M substances and Medline.
Subjects: Chemistry, Materials Science, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Medicine
Info Type: scholarly articles, patents, conference proceedings, dissertations, chemical substances, biosequences, reactions, suppliers, regulatory lists
Access Tips: You must register for SciFinder Scholar before you can use it.

Scitation (American Institute of Physics)
Subjects: Engineering, Physics, Physical Sciences
Info type: scholarly journals, professional periodicals, conference papers, web sites
Access Tips: Also available free on the web at http://scitation.aip.org. Link from EMU Library site to get Findtext+ links.

SciTech Connect
Research and technical reports, article citations, datasets, multimedia (collected by the U.S. Department of Energy)
Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Biology and Medicine, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, Energy Technologies, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer and Information Science, Renewable Energy
Info type: research reports, technical reports, article citations, datasets, multimedia

Small Business Resource Center
Subjects: Small businesses, entrepreneurship
Info type: journal articles, reference book articles, books
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/

Social Sciences Citation Index
Search for articles in Social Science journals and see which articles cite an article
Subjects: Social Sciences, Psychology, Business
Info type: scholarly articles, conference papers
Search Instruction: Web of Knowledge training videos

Social Services Abstracts
Subjects: Social Work, Social Problems, Poverty, Disabilities, Gerontology
Info type: scholarly articles, book reviews, dissertations
How To: ProQuest Basics

Social Work Abstracts
Our subscription to Social Work Abstracts ended December 2015. Good alternatives include Social Services Abstracts and ProQuest Power Search.

Sociological Abstracts
Subjects: Sociology
Info type: scholarly articles, book info, book chapters, book reviews, conference papers, dissertations
How To: ProQuest Basics

Sports Business Research Network (SBRnet)
Subject: Sports Industry, Sporting Goods, Recreation, Pro Teams, Collegiate Sports
Info type: market research reports, participation statistics, customer expenditure statistics, directory info, articles on market trends.
Access Tips: If tables don't display properly, try using Internet Explorer browser.

Sports Nutrition Care Manual
Sports nutrition information and clinical tools for dietitians, dietetic technicians, and other health care professionals.
Info type: reference source
Access tips: Up to 2 users at a time. Please use Logout link at top of the screen when finished. If you don’t get in, try again later.

SpringerLink Journals (1997- ) and E-Books (2005- )
Journals and e-books from the publisher Springer
Subjects: Various, including Life Sciences, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Geosciences, Environment, Engineering, Psychology, Economics, Business, Social Sciences
Info type: scholarly journals and e-books

SRDS - Standard Rate and Data Service
Business Publication, Magazine, and Newspaper Advertising Source
Subject: Advertising, Media
Info type: ad rates, publication profiles, circulation statistics, directory info
Access Tips: EMU has a subscription to only the first 3 publications

Standard & Poors NetAdvantage
Subjects: Companies traded on U.S. exchanges, Industries, Investment
Info types: company info and financials, bond ratings, industry overviews and trends, stock reports, mutual fund reports
Access Tips: In Company Profiles, note numerous links to the left leading to detailed info.

Standard & Poors Research Insight (Compustat)
NOTE: Subscription cancelled as of Monday, October 31, 2011. All Compustat data must be purged from any storage devices and research utilizing Compustat data must cease effective 10/31/2011.
20 years of adjusted time series data for over 11,000 North American public companies
Access Tips: Full data available only on site in EMU computer labs. Some data available via S&P NetAdvantage.
Instruction: See Research Guide for detailed access info and instruction.

STAT!Ref is an electronic collection of current health and medical books covering all aspects of medicine and allied health.
Subjects: health sciences, medicine, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, allied health, orthopedics, basic science
Info type: ebooks, exam prep resources for boards and licensing exams, an evidence-based point of care database (ACP PIER), and Joint Commission resources

Statista is a statistics portal offering quantitative data on over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources.

Student Edition
A database designed for high school students
Subjects: Many subjects
Info type: magazine articles, news articles, encyclopedia entries, reports, news transcripts
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/