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Wednesday August 24, 2016

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Wall Street Journal via Factiva
Read today’s Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.
Subjects: Business, News, Politics
Info type: newspaper articles
Access Tips: Use News Pages tab. Up to 6 users at a time. If you don’t get in, try again later. You can also use ABI/INFORM to search the WSJ.

Subjects: advertising, IMC, marketing
Info Type: articles, case studies, reports, How-To guides, company profiles, advertising statistics.

Web of Science
Search for articles in Science & Social Science & Arts/Humanities journals and see which articles cite an article
Subjects: Many subjects, especially Sciences and Social Sciences
Info type: scholarly articles, conference papers
Search Instruction: Web of Science Quick Tour - Video
Cited Reference Searching

Westlaw Campus Research
Perform legal research and/or search for news articles
Subjects: U.S. Law, State Law, European Union Law, News
Info type: court cases, laws, regulations, law review articles, legal encyclopedias, legal guides, law dictionary, news articles
Instruction:: Intro to Legal Research on Westlaw Next
NOTE: Many functions of Westlaw will only function properly if you disable any pop-up blocker. For example, printing may not work if a pop-up blocker is active.

Wiley Online Library
Journals from the publishers Wiley and Blackwell
Subjects: Most subject areas, especially in Sciences, Medicine, and Social Sciences
Info type: scholarly journals
Access Tips: Only some of the journals are owned by EMU. Before purchasing articles: check Journals by Title, consider interlibrary loan, and/or consult with a librarian.

Wilson Select Plus [now called OmniFile Full Text Select]
Find articles on a wide range of subjects
Subjects: Covers most subjects
Info type: scholarly articles, professional articles, magazine articles

Women's Wear Daily - WWD
Access to all current WWD news and publications
Subjects: women's and men's fashion
Access Tip: We are paying for up to 2 users at a time. If you cannot connect, try again later.

Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success

Workplace writing, communication and math skills. Job search assistance including resume writing and interviewing. Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and Windows 7. Test prep for a variety of careers including electrician and nursing and preparing for high school equivalency exams.

World Book Kids
Grades PreK-5 Contains eight major subject categories: Arts, History and Government, People, Places, Plants and Animals, Science and Mathematics, Sports and Hobbies, World Religions. Has three sets of activities divided into: Make It! Think It! and Be It! Has full-featured pictures, sounds and videos. Also includes a section for teachers.
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/

WorldCat - via FirstSearch
Search for materials in libraries worldwide
Info type: book info, library holdings
Access Tips: Also available via http://mel.org/

Search for materials in libraries worldwide. Also tools for creating lists & bibliographies.
Info type: book info, library holdings
Access Tips: Also free on the web at http://www.worldcat.org