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Chapter I

Eastern Michigan - A Perspective


Brief History of EMU and Recapitulation of Significant Changes in Character and Purpose

Michigan State Normal School 1849

Michigan State Normal College 1899

Eastern Michigan College 1956

Eastern Michigan University 1959

Eastern Michigan University During the 1970s

The University Since 1980: Significant Changes in Character and Emphasis

Program Diversification and Curricular Development

Academic Program Review

Planned Doctorate

Research and Scholarship

Enrollment and Retention

Financial Position

Regular and Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Physical Changes, Equipment, and Deferred Maintenance

1981 NCA Comprehensive Review and University Responses

EMU Today with Projected Future Developments

The Current Self-Study Process

Objectives of the Self-Study

Evaluation and Planning Context

Committee Structure

Evaluation Methods

Reporting Mechanisms


Organization of Subsequent Chapters


Chapter II

Institutional Mission and Statements of Purposes

The Evolution of the University's Mission

The Current Mission Statement of Eastern Michigan University




Guiding Principles

University Planning Assumptions 1990-1995

Planning Assumptions

Evaluation of Mission and Planning Assumptions

Goals of Colleges and Other Major Units

Division of Academic Affairs Goal Statements

College of Arts and Sciences Goal Statements

College of Business Goal Statements

College of Education Goal Statements

College of Health and Human Services Goal Statements

College of Technology Goal Statements

Graduate School Goal Statements

Division of Continuing Education Goal Statement

Division of Corporate Services Goal Statement

World College Goal Statements

Learning Resources and Technologies Goal Statements

Academic Advising Goal Statements

Registrar Goal Statements

Division of Marketing and Student Affairs

Executive Division Goal Statements

Division of Business and Finance Goal Statements

Evaluation of Goal Statements with Reference to the University Mission and Planning Assumptions


Chapter III

Organizational Structure and Governance




The Board of Regents

The President's Cabinet

Faculty Governance

Student Government

Other Constituent Groups

Key Processes

Strategic Planning

General Fund Resource Allocation

Budget Management

Academic Program Approval and Review

Faculty Appointment, Re-appointment, Tenure, and Promotion

Human Resource Management

Information Systems Management

Overview Evaluation and Future Plans



Key Processes


Chapter IV

Educational Programs and Learning Experiences


Degrees and Requirements



Basic Studies Program

New and Developing Programs

Non-Traditional Programming

Continuing Education

World College

Special Activities Extending from the University's Academic Programs

Analysis of Grading Practices

Evaluation of Educational Programs and Learning Experiences


Chapter V

Student Profile, Standards, Services, and Activities


Profile of Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Overall Enrollment Growth

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Trends and Implications of Student Profile

Student Standards and Academic Development

Entrance Requirements

Equity Programs

College Days Programs

Summary Comment on Equity Programs

Academic Advising



Student Retention Programs

Evaluation of Standards and Development Programs

Student Services

Summary of Services

Evaluation of Services

Student Activities

Summary of Activities

Evaluation of Activities

Overview and Future Plans


Chapter VI

Faculty, Learning, and Research Resources

Faculty Resources and Personnel Policies
Profile of Faculty

Affirmative Action

Criteria for Recruitment, Appointment, Tenure, and Promotion

Provisions for Evaluation and Improvement of Teaching

Provisions for Faculty Professional Development

Special Recognition and Award Programs

Faculty Perceptions and Morale

General Evaluation of Faculty Resources and Policies

Learning and Research Resources

Learning Resources and Technologies (LR&T)

General Evaluation of Learning and Research Resources

Sponsored Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Centers and Institutes

General Evaluation of Sponsored Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity

Overview Evaluation and Future Plans


Chapter VII

Public/Alumni Relations and Development

The University's Contemporary Role in Southeastern Michigan

Institute for Corporate Learning

Corporate Education Center

Huron Golf Club

Alumni Relations

Development Office

University Communications

Public Information




Chapter VIII

Financial Resources, Non-Faculty Staff, and Physical Facilities

Economics and Education in the State of Michigan

Financial Resources



Financial Reporting and Control

Analysis and Prospects for the Future

Non-Faculty Staff

Physical Facilities

Accommodating the University Program

Deferred Maintenance

Future Facilities Needs

Overview Assessment and Prospects for the Future


Chapter IX

Student Outcome and Follow-Up Data

Student Retention and Graduation

Performance of EMU Seniors on Graduate Records Examination

Follow-Up Studies from University Career Planning and Placement

Student Reactions to College Survey Summary

Future Plans for Student Outcome Assessment at EMU

The University Steering Committee and University Taskforce on Assessment

Overview Discussion of Student Outcome and Follow-Up Data


Chapter X

Overview Evaluation

Review of the University's Compliance with NCA's General Institutional Requirements
Mission and Authorization

Educational Programs

Institutional Organization

Financial Resources

Public Disclosure

Review of the University's Fulfillment of NCA's Criteria for Accreditation

Criterion One

Criterion Two

Criterion Three

Criterion Four

Themes Emerging from this Self-Study




Concluding Observations


Chapter XI

Proposed Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Requested Change in Statement of Affiliation Status



A Rich Tradition in Education

An Established Record of Quality

A Sizeable Client Base

A Strategic Geographic Placement

A Record of Serving the Employed Student

The Need for the Doctorate


Within the University

Within the Profession

Among Prospective Students

Among Other Universities


Ed.D. Program Goals

Program of Study

Major (Educational Leadership)



Dissertation Research


Other Program Requirements

Program Articulation

General Policies and Procedures for Doctoral Programs

Summary Comments


Chapter XII

Plan of Action

Planning Process 1989/90

"The Learning University"

Immediate and Longer-Term Plans

Immediate Plans

Longer-Term Plans

Movement Toward Blueprint 150

The President's Commission on The Learning University


Operational Procedures


Opening Agenda 1990/91 A Year for Learning Together

Principal Agenda

Secondary Agenda

Summary Appraisal


List of Appendices in Volume I

Appendix 01 Policies Governing Membership in the Graduate Faculty

Appendix 02 Component Self-Studies

Appendix 03 Sample Guidelines for Academic and Support Units

Appendix 04 Self-Study Guidelines Adapted for Other Units of the University

Appendix 05 Example Set of Statistical Displays for Academic Departments

Appendix 06 University Statement of Purpose prior to 1981

Appendix 07 1981 University Statement of Purpose

Appendix 08 Strategic Plan External Assessment

Appendix 09 Faculty Council By-Laws

Appendix 10 Graduate Council By-Laws

Appendix 11 Student Government Constitution and By-Laws

Appendix 12 Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement

Appendix 13 Educational Technology Task Force Report

Appendix 14 College-Level Profiles

Appendix 15 Continuing Education 1990 Marketing Plan


List of Appendices in Volume II

Appendix 16 Grading Practice Tabular Data

Appendix 17 Accreditations Held by EMU

Appendix 18 Descriptions of the 19 Areas in Student Reactions to College

Appendix 19 Library Expansion Program Statement

Appendix 20 Vitae of Leadership for Proposed Ed.D

Appendix 21 Syllabi for Courses Included in Ed.D

Appendix 22 By-Laws of the Board of Regents

Appendix 23 Board of Regents Biographical Notes