Eastern Michigan University

Dedicated Time for Sponsored Scholarly/Creative Activity

Program Purpose

Many grant programs generally do not support faculty salaries during the academic year, and typically provide only summer salaries. In these cases, the sponsoring agencies assume that scholarly/creative activity is part of a faculty member’s normal duties and therefore requires no additional external support. In order to facilitate success in administering the projects and enhance the time available to submit additional proposals, the Dedicated Time for Sponsored Scholarly/Creative Activity program guarantees that faculty with significant externally-funded projects will have an allocation of time within their assigned workloads during the academic year to carry out their funded scholarly/creative activities. The program provides a one-quarter release per semester during the academic year for any externally funded project of $250,000 or larger. The cost of this experimental program is contingent on the support of indirect cost (IDC) recovery generated from grant activity.



To be eligible for support, sponsored projects must have budgets in excess of $250,000, with a project period of one-year or longer.

Faculty will be eligible for dedicated time during the academic year only. Any summer support must be paid by the grant.

Faculty will be supported with a 25% course release per semester during the academic year. The course release will be funded with lecturer replacement dollars, from the IDC account in the Office of the Provost.

University support cannot be used to supplant salary support that could otherwise be funded by the sponsoring agency. When allowable and appropriate, faculty time must be directly charged to the grant.

Privately sponsored contracts are not eligible for University-funded dedicated time. All faculty time allocated to privately funded contracts must be paid by the contract.

Faculty will become eligible for course release beginning the first full semester after the grant is awarded.


Rev 07/12