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Faculty Research Fellowship Guidelines

Purpose and Nature of the Award

The Faculty Research Fellowship (FRF) is intended to encourage and support the research, creative, artistic, and scholarly endeavors of full-time tenured or tenure-track EMU faculty by providing released-time awards (fall and winter semesters) for outstanding proposals. Released-time awards may be in increments of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% per semester, with a maximum total release of 100%. Cash of up to $3,000 can be requested as part of an award to cover supplies, services and materials (SS&M) and travel expenses related to the release. ¹



Applicants must adhere to internal deadlines and screening/rating/ranking procedures established by departments, schools, and colleges, as faculty replacement requires advance planning. Proposals require signature approval by the department head or school director and the college dean. After submission to a reviewing body, proposals may not be altered in any way. Deadline for submission to department/schools is November 15, to college dean December 15, and to Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research January 31. Applicants will be notified of award decision in writing by the Provost and Executive Vice President by April 1.


Proposal Elements

Proposals must be double-spaced on numbered pages (one side only) in 12-pt. font with one-inch margins. They must contain the following elements:

  • Application form (clipped to proposal – not stapled)
  • Title page (include project title; name, rank, and home department of applicant(s); brief one-paragraph abstract; and the precise award requested)
  • Project narrative (5-10 pages, excluding appendices): goals and objectives; need/significance; outcomes assessment; work plan and timeline showing major milestones; justified line-item budget (if appropriate)
  • Short (2-5 pp.) CV emphasizing the applicant’s most recent five years of scholarly activity, as well as a separate page attached to the CV listing internal/external awards pending or secured during the last five years.
  • Appendices as appropriate (may include contracts, letters of permission/ access, tables of contents, survey instruments, etc.). Note that reviewers are not obliged to read appended material


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Need/significance within the discipline
  2. Worthwhile, clearly stated, feasible goals/objectives
  3. Well-conceived work plan, methodology and timeline
  4. Applicant capability: adequate preparation and resources; evidence of a coherent, ongoing scholarly/creative agenda
  5. Overall benefit to the applicant, to students, to the discipline, to EMU, and to the community


Allowable Items

Although a wide range of proposals is sought, the following items and activities (in no particular order) are allowable and consistent with the goals of the award program.

  1. Preliminary data collection or initial, experimental stages of research that is likely to result in proposals for external funding
  2. Time to initiate or complete a major scholarly or creative work
  3. Interdisciplinary faculty teams to write major institutional or interdisciplinary proposals
  4. Faculty with external grants that require effort not supported by their grant budget


Non-Allowable Items

  1. Travel to professional meetings or conferences
  2. Purchase of computers
  3. Predominantly commercial ventures
  4. Institutionally directed research (“work for hire”)
  5. Faculty development
  6. Service projects
  7. Curriculum/course development
  8. Reimbursement for expenses already incurred


Additional Restrictions

  1. Released time may be requested for no more than two consecutive semesters.
  2. Unfunded proposals may be revised and resubmitted for consideration in a future funding cycle.
  3. Recipients remain eligible for other awards in the same year.  However, duplicate funding from any source for the same scope of work or for supplies, services, or materials is not permitted.
  4. A person may not be awarded FRF released time and a Sabbatical Leave Award during the same academic year (September through April).  Faculty who apply for both and are successful must choose to receive only one award.
  5. Only one FRF is allowed during two consecutive fiscal years. 


Feedback to Applicants

The University Research and Sabbatical Leave Committee chair will share with applicants the strengths and weaknesses of their proposal as perceived by reviewers, as well as its score and ranking.   The committee chair will not disclose the scoring forms, written comments, or identities of individual reviewers.


Requirements of Award Recipients

  1. Any revision or alteration of an awarded proposal (including the budget) requires prior written approval by the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research.
  2. Any nonexpendable materials acquired with funds provided under this program become the property of Eastern Michigan University, and are subject to property-control procedures.
  3. In accepting funding for a proposal, the recipient agrees to submit (within 30 days following conclusion of the award period) a final report (maximum two pages) to theAssociate Provost and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research with copies to the awardee’s department head and dean. Faculty with overdue reports are ineligible for internal funding.

Rev 05/2013


1Such cash requests should be included as a justified line-item budget within the FRF proposal.
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2Page length should be in proportion to the complexity of the proposal.
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