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Provost’s Research Support Award Guidelines


Purpose and Nature of the Award

Cash Awards in support of small SS&M needs are intended to encourage and support the research, creative, artistic, and scholarly endeavors of EMU faculty. The range of the award is $300 - $3,000 to support outstanding projects. Travel support is limited to $500. This award requires a one-to-one match from the applicant's department/school for a total maximum combined award amount of $3,000.



Proposals may be submitted at any time to the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research (200 Boone Hall). Proposals require signature approval by the department head or school director. Proposals received by the 20th of any month will constitute a competitive pool for one award cycle. Awards are normally announced within two weeks of the end of the month. All correspondence and notifictions regarding this award will be sent to the applicant's emich.edu email account.


Proposal Elements

Complete and submit the application form along with an attachment providing a short description (one page only) of the project. Include timeline, project goals, and funds needed, and how the funding will enable these goals. Attach CV, or list of scholarly/creative activities for the last five years. If Human Subjects approval is needed and has been granted please submit copy of acceptance (a copy of approval must be submitted to the Office of Research Development before funds can be released).


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Well-conceived research plan & feasible goal
  2. Funding needed for project completion
  3. Project will lead to proposal development
  4. Project will result in a scholarly publication
  5. Project involves students
  6. Overall benefit to the applicant and to EMU


Allowable Items

Although a wide range of proposals is sought, the following items and activities (in no particular order) are allowable and consistent with the goals of the award program:

  1. Travel to archives and research sites 1 when the data collection is likely to result in scholarly publications or grant proposals
  2. Costs associated with survey research (e.g., copying, postage, data transcription, conversion, analysis)
  3. Specialized software not conveniently available elsewhere
  4. Page charges, reprints, exhibit costs, performance / production costs, poster costs
  5. Purchase of scientific equipment or instrumentation
  6. Data collection, experiments or other forms of scholarly/creative activity likely to result in grant proposals
  7. Supplies and materials needed for specialized  research and/or student research


Non-Allowable Items

  1. Travel to professional meetings or conferences
  2. Purchase of computers
  3. Predominantly commercial ventures
  4. Institutionally directed research (“work for hire”)
  5. Faculty development
  6. Service projects
  7. Curriculum/course development
  8. Reimbursement for expenses already incurred
  9. Production of textbooks
  10. Professional development or retraining
  11. Replacement of matching fund support
  12. Keyboarding or editing research already completed
  13. Release from teaching
  14. Supplementary salary


Additional Restrictions

  1. Unfunded proposals may not be resubmitted in future funding cycles.
  2. A faculty member shall be funded no more than once per fiscal year under the program.
  3. Provost's Research Support Awards are considered “minor” awards; thus, recipients remain eligible for major awards (sabbatical leave and faculty research fellowship) in the same year.
  4. Funds must be expended by June 30th of the current fiscal year in which the award was granted.


Requirements of Award Recipients

  1. Any revision or alteration of an awarded proposal (including the budget) requires prior written approval by the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research.
  2. Any nonexpendable materials acquired with funds provided under this program become the property of Eastern Michigan University, and are subject to property-control procedures.
  3. In accepting funding for a proposal, the recipient agrees to submit a final report (maximum two pages) to the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research. The deadline for receipt of these reports is September 15 following the award year. Faculty with overdue reports are ineligible for internal funding.

Rev 05/2014



1Travel support is limited to $500.
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