Eastern Michigan University

Sample Successful Proposals


Dr. Harriet Lindsay's (Chemistry) spring-summer 2010 proposal.

Sustainability in Organic Chemistry: Development of an Environmentally-Friendly Chemical Reaction and its Application to the Construction of Useful Molecules


Dr. Weidian Shen's (Physics & Astronomy) winter 2010 proposal.

Developing a Reliable and Efficient Corrosion Resistance Characterization Technique for Magnesium Alloys Used in Automotive and Other Manufacturing Industries



Dr. Joel Schoenhals' (Music & Dance) winter 2011 one-semester sabbatical proposal.

Liuyang He: Piano Arrangements of Chinese Folk Music


Dr. Robert S. Winning' (Biology) winter 2011 one-semester sabbatical proposal.

Investigation into the Role of Ephrin-A5 in Guiding Neurons to Hindlimb Muscle


Professor Walter Hogan's (University Library) 2007 one-semester sabbatical proposal.

Animals and Animal Rights in Young Adult Literature


Provost's New Faculty Award

Dr. Anne M. Casper's (Biology) 2010 proposal.

Characterizing DNA Breaks at Chromosomal Fragile Sites using the Yeast Model Organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Professor Brooke Dagnan's (CMTA) 2010 proposal.

The Sale Barn: Documenting the Traditions of a Midwestern Auction



With thanks to these faculty members for sharing their award winning proposals.


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