Eastern Michigan University

University Research and Sabbatical Leave Committee (URSLC)


As specified in the EMU-AAUP 2012-2015 Contract, a broadly representative screening committee shall be constituted and organized by the EMU-AAUP, consisting of seven (7) Faculty Members appointed by the respective College Councils and the Library, in the following way: two (2) members shall represent the College of Arts and Sciences with all other colleges and the Library having one (1) representative each. The screening committee shall have the following duties:

  1. Represent the faculty as a whole in their deliberations:  review and rank all applications for Sabbatical Leaves, Faculty Research/Creative Activity Fellowships and other awards established in Article XII.G.; and provide their recommendations to the Provost and Vice President by the dates indicated in the award guidelines in order to meet notification deadlines. The Provost and Vice President shall review the recommendations and make his/her recommendation to the President.
  2. Make recommendations concerning any matter relevant to the program, a copy of which shall be made available to the Association.


Rev 3/13