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URSP "Nuggets"


Click on the images below to see some one-page "nuggets," describing students' award experiences and illustrating the exciting work our undergraduates do in collaboration with EMU faculty.


Torey Arnold with faculty mentor, Aaron Liepman (Biology):

Characterizing Mannan Synthases from Plants that Synthesize Mannans with Different Structures


David Boeving with faculty mentor, Elisabeth Däumer (English):

The Gestural Language of T. S. Eliot's Poetry


Nathaniel Franklin with faculty mentor, Ernest Behringer (Physics & Astronomy):

Infrared Laser Tweezers for Manipulating Microscopic Particles and Cells


Lauren Fowler with faculty mentor, Karen Saules (Psychology):

An Examination of the Relationship of Problematic Food Types to the Development of Substance Use Disorder in Post-bariatric Surgery Patients

Jeffrey Haller with faculty mentor, Gerald Lawver (Technology Studies):

Cyber Defense System


Danielle Hulvey with faculty mentor, Katherine Greenwald (Biology):

Genetic Markers for the Identification of Unisexual Ambystoma Salamanders


Mary Kalvaitis with faculty mentor, Heather Holmes (Chemistry):

Characteristics of Packed-Capillary Sorbent Traps for Derivatization and Preconcentration of Short-Chain Fatty Acids


Kayleigh Watson with faculty mentor, Anne Casper (Biology):

Exploring the Role of the Sgs1 Protein at a Fragile Site in Yeast DNA


Neil Weinberg with faculty mentor, Edward Sidlow (Political Science):

Presidential Success, Failure, and Greatness


Alyssa Winkler with faculty mentor, Maria C. Milletti (Chemistry):

Stereoselective Synthesis of Acyl Pyrrolidines



Dustin Wiecek with faculty mentor, Margaret Hanes (Biology):

Microsatellite Analysis Infers Genetic Differentiation in Northern Pitcher Plants


Jeffrey Nicholas with faculty mentor, Joel Schoenhals (Music & Dance):

Suite for Piano


Caitlin Baumer with faculty mentor, Maria Milletti (Chemsitry):

The Determination of a Valid Molecular Mechanics Method to Model the Protein PAI-1


Samuel Boateng with faculty mentor, Michael Angell (Biology):

CD40 Regulation of MAV-1 Virus Infection in Mouse Macrophage Cells


Matt Hamilton with faculty mentor, Amanda Allen (English Language & Literature):

Defining Rebellion: Positioning Interpellation and Insurrection in The Hunger Games


Jevit Tith with faculty mentor, Timothy Brewer (Chemsitry):

The Influence of Solvents on Luminescence Involving Silver Nanoparticles


Brittany Cymes with faculty mentor, Christine Clark (Geography & Geology):

Anomalous C-Site Occupancy in Povondraite


Dustin Pepper with faculty mentor, Ernest Behringer (Physics & Astronomy):

Chaos in the Laboratory! A Duffing Oscillator Apparatus


Thomas Vasko with faculty mentor, Sherry Bumpus (Nursing):

Insights in to Readmission Rates of Atrial Fibrillation Patients Referred to BRIDGE



With thanks to these student and faculty members for sharing their award experiences.


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