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Summer European Cultural History Program 2015

Courses: Twelve credits in History, Fine Arts
Country: Scotland, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.
Dates/Length: May 14-June 30, 2015
Professors: Keith Knutson, Ph.D., Jesse Domingez, MFA, Gordon Knutson, Ph.D. and Benita Goldman, MFA
Cost: $7,998 for currently enrolled EMU students, $8598 for non-EMU sutdents
Apply By:  March 15, 2015
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Travel Europe, Summer 2015

The Summer Cultural History Program is an interdisciplinary Study Abroad experience where students and professors travel to cultural centers in 8 countries to examine art, history & culture. The program integrates reading, writing and research with direct involvement in the locations to give you a richer understanding of the world than book learning alone could possibly provide.

The emphasis is on culture

You will experience culture first-hand, in key centers of learning and art. Guided field experiences combined with reflection will help you to understand world cultures in a more meaningful and memorable way.

You get college credit

The Cultural History Programs carry up to twelve hours of EMU credit. Non-EMU students from across the country participate, and pay in-state EMU tuition and fees.

Our staff is top quality and experienced

Our faculty consists of widely traveled, experienced  professors of history and art with top degrees from leading universities. During the last 40 years, our teams have conducted more than 150 successful Cultural History Programs around the world.


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