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Returning Home

Welcome back! Your journey abroad provided new challenges and the experience of a lifetime. You might actually feel stronger and more competent, knowing you overcame obstacles in your traveling and learned more about yourself.

When you traveled aboard, you went through a period of adjustment. You were immersed in a new culture and had to learn how to deal with it. Now at home, you may feel like a different person. Your perspective may have changed and you may have difficulty adjusting. Most people experience some sort of re-entry shock. You may find people are less interested in your experiences you hoped or that they don't understand or care. Take time to readjust to life back home. If you think about the phenomenon of "re-entry culture shock" as part of the process of personal growth, you’ll overcome these hurdles too and gain immense personal insight and strength in the process.

Get Involved

There are many ways to keep your study abroad experience alive.

  • Submit a story about your experience for us to share on our Web site.
  • Talk to students interested in study abroad.
  • Write an article for the Eastern Echo or your local newspaper.
  • Use the skills you learned abroad of empathy, understanding of cultural issues and language barriers to volunteer.
  • Work with International Students on campus or immigrant groups and refugees in your community.
  • Stay in touch with friends you made while abroad.
  • Join the Academic Programs Abroad World Scholars Alumni.
  • Integrate your experience of another culture(s) with your daily life by:
    • Cooking a foreign meal and sharing with friends
    • Listening to foreign music
    • Taking foreign language classes or courses with an international focus
    • Continuing to learn about your host country/countries

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