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Get Started

Step #1: Set up an initial intake appointment

The first step before receiving services at the ACC is to set up an initial intake appointment. During this intake we will obtain more information, such as medical milestones, your primary concerns, and other important history information. Intakes generally take 1-to-1.5 hours. Please contact the ACC main office to schedule the intake appointment, or if you have any additional questions.

Step #2: Your case is presented at our weekly case review meeting

After the intake, we will present your case at our weekly case review meeting where our multidisciplinary team comes together to discuss possible services.

Step #3: We make service recommendations

We then contact you shortly after this case review meeting to discuss our service recommendations and move forward with scheduling from there. You can expect to hear from us with service recommendations within one week of your intake appointment.

*Individuals must be diagnosed with ASD or related neurodevelopmental disorder before receiving therapeutic services at the ACC. If you are looking for more information on having yourself or your child assessed for autism, please visit the Diagnostic Assessment page.

**Intakes are only required for fee based services, such as diagnostic assessments or therapeutic services. Events, such as ParentSHARE or Wednesday Night Live sessions, do not require an intake and are open to the public. We please ask that you RSVP in advance for these services.

The Autism Collaborative Center is part of of the College of Health and Human Services, 304 Marshall, 734.487.0077