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Diagnostic Assessments

Can the ACC conduct a diagnostic evaluation to assess an individual for ASD?

Yes. If you suspect yourself, your child or a loved one to be living with ASD, you may want to have them evaluated for autism. The ACC can provide this service to you and your family. Having a diagnosis of ASD or a related neurological disorder is a requirement before receiving fee-based services at the ACC. Please see below for more information on the comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation.

What does the diagnostic evaluation involve?

  • Review of current concerns and presenting problems.
  • Comprehensive developmental history.
  • Review of all available records, such as school and medical records.
  • Psychological assessment of cognitive, social, communication, and adaptive functioning. The ADOS is always a part of the evaluation by the psychologist.
  • Assessment by other professionals as needed such as a Speech/Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist.
  • Multidisciplinary review of findings.
  • Client feedback appointment to explain results and recommendations.
  • Written report.

Speech and Language Evaluation of:

  • Articulation.
  • Expressive and Receptive Language.
  • Pragmatic Language.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation of:

  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor.
  • Sensory Processing/Regulation.
  • Visual-Spatial Perception.
  • Functional Activities of Daily Living.

Music Therapy Evaluation of:

  • Sustained, Joint, and Focused Attention.
  • Self-Regulation and Expression.
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication.

Recreation Therapy Evaluation of:

  • Participation in chosen activities.
  • Interactions between self and others.
  • Usage/need of physical, cognitive, and emotional supports.

Social Work and/or Psychology Assessment to determine psychotherapy needs.

The Autism Collaborative Center is part of of the College of Health and Human Services, 304 Marshall, 734.487.0077