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Independent Education Evaluations

What is an independent educational evaluation?

An independent educational evaluation (IEE) is an evaluation conducted by an impartial, third party evaluator(s) to address a disagreement between a school district and a parent regarding previous evaluation results. This is usually related to special education "certification" or the recommendation of the MET / IEP team. Sometimes the disagreement is related to the student’s program and services/placement and a new evaluation is needed for further decision making. In order to obtain an IEE the school district and parent must agree on who the impartial evaluator is and how much it will cost. The school district pays for the evaluation. The Autism Collaborative Center will conduct an IEE when the disagreement is related to decisions about ASD eligibility or services/placement.

What does an IEE involve?

  • Review of all records, school and medical.
  • Interview with parent or guardian.
  • Interview with school staff.
  • School observations.
  • Home observations when appropriate with preschool children.
  • Psychological assessment that includes the ADOS and other tests as needed.
  • Assessment by Speech/Language Therapist as needed.
  • Written report.
  • Attendance at school team meeting if requested.

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