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Troubleshooting Guide

  1. The number one cause for delay  of an admissions decision in a student’s application file is the submission of UNOFFICIAL or INCOMPLETE academic credentials. As of May 1st, 2012, there is a change in how applicants need to submit the educational credentials for your application to EMU.  Educational Perspectives (EP) is the credential evaluation service that provides evaluations of international educational credentials for applicants to EMU.  All applicants with non U.S. post secondary credentials, except freshmen, must submit an evaluation of their credentials to EMU.  Order the “Detailed” report (course by course evaluation) for $135.00.  The evaluation takes five business days from when the EP application, payment, and all of the documents needed for an evaluation, are received at EP.  EP will send the evaluation to you and EMU upon completion.  Visit EMU’s EP site: www.edperspectives.org/emich for details on how to submit the evaluation request and obtain an EP application form.  This evaluation will be used to determine if you are eligible for admission to EMU, if your non-U.S. institution is recognized, if you are eligible for any transfer credits, and what your U.S.-equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA) is.  As of May 1st, 2012, EMU no longer requires that you send your educational documents directly to us from the issuing institution.  You must get an evaluation from EP. Refer to the Application Checklist for more details. If you need a translation of your documents, view our list of translation companies near EMU. 
  2. Make sure that EMU has the program you want to study before you apply.  Check out our catalog for a complete list of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  3. When you apply, please make sure to include all full and complete spellings of your name; it should follow exactly how your name is written on your passport. This also includes test scores that you might submit; many times the testing centers have a slight variation in your name, whether it’s the order of your name or a slight misspelling. You should confirm with the testing center and then let us know, if there is any difference.
  4. For privacy and security purposes, the admissions staff will communicate only with you, the applicant, throughout your admissions process.  Please do not have an third-party agency contact our office, as we will only provide information regarding your application file with you.  If you need someone to assist you with the communication due to a language or other barrier, please fill out a release form to authorize that third party to contact EMU about your file.
  5. When filling out the application, please use your own permanent mailing address.  If you currently live outside the United States, do not write the address of a relative or friend that lives inside the U.S as the primary mailing address as all of the correspondence our office mails will be to that address and may slow down the process.
  6. If you are applying to a graduate program, all the general admissions requirements can be found on our checklist for graduate admission. However, some graduate departments may require additional application materials, such as recommendation letters, resume, portfolio, audition tape, writing sample or specific test scores. Be sure to check the EMU catalog or contact the graduate department to which you're applying to find out what specific requirements are required for your application.
  7. You must show at least the minimum amount listed on our Financial Statement for International applicants (minimum 8 months).  Even though you may not spend this much money in one academic year or may live off campus and pay less for housing or food, the estimated amounts represent the minimum cost of living as a student at EMU and must be shown for the purpose of obtaining an I-20. 
  8. When submitting the Financial Statements for International applicants, only liquid funding in a personal account can be accepted.  This means only personal savings, checking and certificate of deposit account types will be accepted from yourself or your sponsor(s).  No business accounts can be used.  Refer to page 2 for complete information about liquid funding.
  9. Do not fax any document to our office other than a copy of a visa, Enrollment Change Form or Update Form. We cannot accept the Financial Statement for International Applicants, Bank Statement, Academic records, Applications, TOEFL scores, etc. via fax. These documents must be sent officially via mail.
  10. Report your English proficiency test (TOEFL, MELAB, IELTS, Pearson's PTE Test of English-Academic version) score through the testing center (ETS, MELAB or British Council). Do not send your student score report. If you send your student score report it will be considered unofficial and your application requirement for English proficiency will not be fulfilled.
  11. Make sure to pay your SEVIS fee before you try to schedule your visa interview.  It is $200.00 USD. Visit www.fmjfee.com OR download a printable form at www.ice.gov/sevis/i901
  12. If you receive a scholarship or an assistantship, and it is not included on your I-20, it is not necessary for EMU to create a new paper I-20.  However, we can electronically update this information in your electronic SEVIS file.  You will receive a letter from Financial Aid or from the Graduate department (typically two to four weeks after you receive the I-20).  Make a photocopy of the award letter for your reference when you attend the visa interview.