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Teaching Excellence Awards

The Alumni Association of Eastern Michigan University is committed to providing encouragement and incentive for superior teaching achievement. The Association honors faculty members who have distinguished themselves as teachers.

The awards are presented in the fall each year. Recipients selected receive an award commemorating the event, a medallion and a certificate.

It is intended that awards are to be made yearly by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. An Award may be presented to one recipient from each of the Colleges of Education, Technology, Health and Human Services, and Business. Due to the size of the College of Arts and Sciences, three awards may be presented for that college.


All faculty members who have held a full-time appointment at Eastern Michigan University for three or more complete academic years are eligible. An academic year consists of two semesters of instruction per calendar year, with spring and summer terms equating to one half semester. Those receiving the award within the past five years are not eligible for nomination. If a qualified applicant is not nominated for an award, no award will be given.

Nominating Procedure

Eastern Michigan University alumni and students are eligible to submit nominations to the Teaching Excellence Awards Committee. Selection is not based on the number of nominations, but on the quality of the nomination and subsequent review by the Committee.

A nomination form must be fully completed to nominate an individual for an award. The more pertinent the information provided, the more helpful it will be for the selection committee.

A (1-10) ranking will be applied to the information based upon the five criteria provided in the handout "An Excellent Teacher." (see below)

An essay must be attached to the nomination. The essay should address how the faculty member has impacted the nominator's educational experience.

The selection committee will not accept late applications. Applications are valid for two years. If available, please attach a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

An Excellent Teacher
  1. Possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the field. Has a scholarly grasp of the subject matter and an abiding interest in the area of study.
  2. Organizes and presents subject matter effectively. What is taught makes sense to the student and is consistent with the objectives of the course; interrelationships are suggested between the subject matter and the course and with other fields of learning or society.
  3. Stimulates thinking and develops understanding. The student's intellect is challenged; critical thinking and an open-minded attitude are encouraged to the end that the student becomes more self-directing in this field of knowledge.
  4. Arouses interest. The student likes what he or she is experiencing and finds it significant in personal terms and in relation to educational purposes.
  5. Demonstrated resourcefulness. Makes good use of the available human and material resources and uses techniques of teaching appropriate to the course and the specific class or situation.
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