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My Freshman Year Verses My Parents

by Emily Kiefer

"As a recipient of the EMU Legacy Scholarship, I have often thought about how my first year of college has differed from that of my parents." [...]

April 15, 2015 | Read More

Robert Jennings '88

by Lisa McNulty

"Bob's best piece of advice for students and recent graduates, "Follow your heart, not your head or dollar signs!"" [...]

April 15, 2015 | Read More

Kindness is Contagious

by Ashley Hutcherson

"For many, letting someone merge in front of you on the highway or lending a pencil on exam day is all the kindness needed to make someone's day. " [...]

February 19, 2015 | Read More

Ian McGee '11

by Lisa McNulty

"Graduating Magna Cum Laude is one of the biggest accomplishments I have achieved," [...]

February 15, 2015 | Read More

Rachel Burford '13

by Geoff Larcom

"When you get in front of the camera, it's a passion. I absolutely light up - the hair, the lighting - I become that person. All they have to do is put on the music, and I can go and connect with it." [...]

February 15, 2015 | Read More