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EMU Love Story: Autumn and Theo Tangalakis

by emugoldalumni, Published April 29, 2011

Names: Autumn and Theo Tangalakis

The Maikowski's

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary Date: December 31, 2008, we were married in the Caribbean by the ocean

Do you have children? How many? None yet just 2 dogs, Chase and Makenzie and 2 cats, Akira and Otis

How did you meet? I met Theo through my Alpha Sigma Tau sorority sisters. His family owned Ted's and owns Theo's Bar and they worked for the family. He was over at the sorority house and that's where I met him although it took a year before we started dating. Eventually I started hanging out with him during karaoke nights at the bar and he asked me out.

Where was your first date? He would say that we went to a movie and saw American Wedding followed by dinner at Applebees. I say that our first date was at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum. We just held hands and walked around and talked.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? My favorite memory is when my sorority and his fraternity, Sigma Nu, had a social together. That was the first time we hung out with each of our organizations. We also had memories from formals and hayrides. The best memories were just being together at our apartment and hanging out with friends.

If married/engaged did you propose on campus? If so where? No, we got engaged at our off campus apartment. He tied my ring to our new kitten and when I got home from work she was on the bed all tangled in ribbon with the ring and that's how he proposed. It was 1 day after our one year anniversary.

Years attended Eastern: Autumn 1999-2004 left school and came back 2006-2011 to finish my first bachelor's and my second bachelor's. Theo came to EMU for his masters from 2003-2006.

Any romantic advice you would give to students: Opposites can attract and work. I'm an Ohio State fan and he's a U of M fan and alum. As long as you marry your best friend it will work out.

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