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30 Years of Success: The Martin P. O'Hara Golf Outing

by Ellen Weaver, Published August 18, 2011


MPO Golf Outing

There are men among us who earn respect, admiration and friendships that carry on even after they are lost to us. One such man, Martin P. O'Hara III, was not only a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and an Arm of Honor fraternity member, but a good man whose abrupt departure from life truly struck his friends and family members to the core. As his absence was felt keenly by those who knew him best, an idea took form to continue to celebrate his life. After some time, a golf outing and endowed scholarship which bore his namesake was formed and would continue to be attended faithfully by men and women who wished to honor O'Hara's memory. Encouraged by another great man and alumnus, Brian E. Sullivan, the tournament was held for the first time in October of 1981 and has just celebrated its 30th annual outing.

Held on July 30th at Green Oaks Golf Course in Ypsilanti Township fifty golfers took to the green and enjoyed 18 holes on a beautiful summer day. "The Martin P. O'Hara Scholarship golf outing is a great event, showing the true spirit of Eastern Michigan University," said Amanda Decker, Development Associate, EMU Foundation. After attending the event, Decker noted, "The love and support that the friends of Martin have shown through generous donations to the Martin P. O'Hara III/Brian E. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship are incredible, going on to support Arm of Honor Fraternity members." The benefits of the Martin P. O'Hara Golf Outing, fondly referred to by long standing supporters as the MPO, are funneled into the Martin P O'Hara III/Brian Sullivan Endowed Scholarship fund which is now attainable not only by members of O'Hara's Arm of Honor fraternity brothers, but to women and local applicants as well. The scholarship's title was edited to include Sullivan's name a few years ago in honor of his tireless dedication to the MPO. "Brian's work over the last 30 years in organizing the golf outing to support the endowed scholarship is truly amazing," said Decker.

Sullivan has worked hard these past thirty years to keep the Martin P. O'Hara Golf Outing alive and well. He and his fellow MPO supporters, David Deyo, Tom Daniels and Martha Krips and Trudy Duart are rooted deeply in the history of the outing. In truth, the annual event would have never flourished without Sullivan there to organize and implement the outing each year. Along with his wife Julie and their children, Brian and Shelly, the MPO has blossomed into a family event that remains true to O'Hara and those he left behind. Nan and Pat, O'Hara's parents, along with Kathleen, Tim, Colleen and Brigid O'Hara including their spouses and children as well as nieces, aunts, uncles and cousins, all contribute to the continued success of the MPO. The constant and unyielding support of Sullivan's own family as well as members of O'Hara's always contributes to the events success; but, it is thanks to Sullivan, who has inspired respect, admiration and friendships across thirty years, that this outing has become such a worthwhile endeavor.

To support the Martin P. O'Hara III/Brian E. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship, visit and select 00456 - Martin P O'Hara III Endowed Scholarship.