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EMU Love Story: Chad Holman and Kendra Muehlfelt

by Chris Vilag, Published August 8, 2011

Holman and Muehlfelt

Names: Chad Holman and Kendra Muehlfelt

Relationship Status: Engaged

Anniversary Date: July 14, 2007

Do you have children? How many? No children but plan on having 4 one day.

How did you meet? Chad played on the men's club volleyball team and I happened to be good friends with a few of those guys. We all went out to Pub 13 and which is where we first met. I was initially interested because he was funny, athletic and tall (I'm 5'9'' and need a taller guy so I can wear heels and he'd still be taller then me). It took me pursuing him quite a bit before he realized that a pretty girl was actually going after him. However, he now claims he was just playing hard to get and he knew that I liked him. Ugh, I fell for it!

Where was your first date? We actually don't remember our first solo date without our group of friends. In fact, we didn't have many solo dates in a typical fashion, dinner and a movie or dinner and drinks. We would just hang out at each others apartments, make some dinner and then go out with our group of friends. We are a very close group even still till this day.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? Since I worked in Roosevelt at Office of Nutrition services and he was in Roosevelt for construction classes, he would always stop by for a short hug and a hello. It was such a nice break from focusing on work.

I also worked at the Eateries for a few years. He would come visit me when I took my lunch and we would split a wrap together and just hang out.

If married/engaged did they propose on campus? If so where? He proposed by taking me on a tour of Chicago from the air, then to a nice Italian restaurant. At my apartment he had my roommate set roses on the stairs leading up to my apartment and candles glowing throughout the apartment. He then gave me a book titled "What would you say..." filled with pictures of us at different events. For example, What would you say if I asked you to go to a ball game with me? And there was a picture of us at a baseball game. The last page had a picture of the ring and "What would you say if I asked..." and he was down on one knee when I looked up from reading the book. I was completely shocked and initially said No! Ooops! He knew I meant yes and we are happily planning the wedding for August 2012.

Degrees earned at Eastern: Chad got his bachelors in Construction Management and Kendra got her bachelors in dietetics and masters in nutrition.

Any romantic advice you would give to students: Communication and compromise are key factors in keeping a healthy relationship. If you are in a relationship, be in it, talk about how you feel and what you want, so you both can be on the same page with each other. If he likes to do one thing and she likes to do another, be there for each other and embraces each others differences, compromise. Honesty makes a healthy relationship.


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