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EMU Love Story: Robert and Celia Murkowski

by Chris Vilag, Published August 29, 2011


Names: Robert and Celia Murkowski

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary Date: August 29, 2009 (we started dating May 8, 2003)

Do you have children: Not yet...but looking forward to that adventure!

How did you meet: I was a member of OTEAM, and Bobby was applying to be an NSOA for the Campus Life Orientation Program called First Four.

Where was your first date? Our first official date was a day long trip to Cedar Point. Sounds ambitious, but it was the perfect way to get to know someone! We ended up getting one of those cartoon drawings of us which hangs in our house today.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? There are so many memories that it's hard to even begin to pick a few to name. The countless hours spent in McKenny (when it was a union) when we were both on OTEAM, when Bobby was Student Body President, when we were helping out Campus Life, when we would go to all night study tables, catching up over lunch, and going to an endless amount of Football games together (and still going!). A more recent memory would be when Bobby received the Young Alumni Award at the Annual Alumni amazing.

If married/engaged, did they propose on campus? If so, where? I work on campus for the Office of Admissions. While I was working and meeting with a prospective student, a friend came into my office, delivered a bouquet of flowers with a note, and said that I was to read the note immediately and leave the office (he was going to take over the appointment with the student). The note read "Please meet me at the entrance to the building where we first met on campus." And thus, the journey began. I quickly grabbed my purse and off I went to McKenny.

When I walked into the building he was standing there with a guitar and started singing "Grow old with you" by Adam Sandler (I told him 6 years prior to this that it was the song I wanted a guy to sing to me when he proposed). After he was done singing (and I was done crying), he said that we had to leave McKenny immediately. We walked outside and there was a limo waiting for us. We got into the limo and eventually ended up at Detroit Metro Airport. Once we arrived he told me that we were going to fly to Portland, Maine (where he grew up). It was then I realized I hadn't packed anything. Somehow, to this day I'm still puzzled by this, Bobby had gotten access to my apartment and packed my bags for me.

Fast forward to Maine. We arrived, stayed at the Black Point Inn right on the coast, and took a 4 mile hike along the coast (the Inn is on a peninsula of the Atlantic Ocean). Once we were back from the hike we got all dressed up (he packed a dress/heels/the works for me), ate at our Inn (they served fresh lobster with each meal), and then went to see the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

Once we were back from the concert, we went to our room to find a bottle of wine and two glasses for us. We poured a glass and went down to a sitting area in the Inn where they had multiple fire places. He ended up asking me what my top 5 most favorite memories were of our relationship - which led to a 2 hour long conversation on our relationship and how far we had come. After the conversation, we realized our glasses were empty. Bobby went upstairs to refill our glasses. A few minutes later came back - with no glasses, and then said "Ugh, sorry...would you mind going to get the glasses? I forgot them upstairs in our room." If you knew anything about Bobby, you would know that this is a definite he tends to be somewhat absent minded at times :) When I walked into our room, our song (Peter Gabriel - Book of Love) was playing on his computer (no clue he had his computer with him) and there was a notebook on the ground. In the notebook he wrote "All around this room are the top 5 memories of our relationship in my eyes. On each memory is a clue to find the next one. Take your time...and I can't wait to see you soon." Once I got to the last clue, it read "Tonight! Please wait 10 minutes and them come meet me at the entrance to the hiking trail."

When I arrived at the entrance, there was a white and red rose petal path leading me to where he was...standing underneath a wooden arch that was the entrance to the beach. As I got closer to him he went down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. We then shared a dance on the beach, watched/listened to the words could describe how amazing that moment was.

Years attended Eastern: Celia 2001-2005, Bobby 2002-2006

Any romantic advice you would give to students: Be's totally worth it :)


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