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EMU Love Story: Aaron and Kelly Wade

by Chris Vilag, Published July 5, 2011

Aaron and Kelly Wade

Names: Kelly (Story) and Aaron Wade

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary Date: August 7, 2004

Do you have children? How many? None

How did you meet? Originally I met one of Aaron's friends before meeting him. Gordon and I were both in the student organization
SAM I AM (Social Activities Mentoring). One day when we were hanging out, Gordon showed me pictures of his friends from home. One of these friends was Aaron. A few days later I was walking back to the dorm Jones and was passing Goddard while Aaron was coming up the steps from what used to be the office for the Echo newspaper. We happened to make eye contact and I said, "Hello!" and he said "hello" back. As I looked at him I realized I recognized him and I remembered him from Gordon's pictures and said, "You're Aaron, right?" Aaron (who had no idea who I was) cautiously said, "Yes?" After that I introduced myself, I told him I was a friend of Gordon's and he had showed me Aaron's picture. Aaron was relieved and said "Nice to meet you" and we went our separate ways. About a week or so later I was out with Gordon and some other people at the Eastern Eateries for dinner where we happened to see Aaron. Gordon invited Aaron to join us and he sat next to me. We ended up hitting it off and we exchanged phone numbers. We hung out for about a month as friends before we started dating in October 1999.

Where was your first date? Our first date was October 8 at an EMU football game and they were playing against the Akron Zips. Aaron gave me a yellow Mum and wrote me a poem which he gave me at the end of the day.

Any cute memories you have together at eastern? We ushered for many of the plays at EMU because it made a cheap date. We also spent a lot of time at the rec center playing air hockey. Neither of us cared for football but we went to at least three games when we were in school and we usually attended homecoming. We also went to several formal occasions - 6 sorority formals and 2 winter formals on campus. It was always fun to dress up!

If married/engaged did they propose on campus? If so where? Aaron did not propose at EMU. He proposed at Frankenmuth. It was a few days before my birthday, and we had made plans to go to the snow festival to look at the ice sculptures with another couple. On the day of, Aaron said the other couple couldn't make it due to illness but we were going to go ourselves. After a fun day of shopping and checking out ice sculptures we got in the car to head to Bavarian Inn. I went to put something on the back seat when I noticed a package all wrapped up. "That's an early birthday present," said Aaron.

We got to the restaurant and were seated in the Edelweiss Room. After dinner Aaron said I could open the package. Inside was a jewelry box/picture frame of The Little Mermaid (my favorite Disney movie) sitting on a mirrored dresser. On the front of the dresser was a little drawer. When I opened it, up popped an engagement ring! Then Aaron said, "I have two confessions. One, this isn't your birthday present and two, Gina (the friend from the other couple) isn't really sick. Will you be my wife?" Of course I said YES!

Years attended Eastern: Kelly 1999-2004, Aaron 1999-2003

Any romantic advice you would give to students: Sometimes a friendship can turn into more. Also romance can turn up when you least expect it so don't try so hard and relax.


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