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EMU Love Story: Bill and Laura Brickley

by Chris Vilag, Published July 11, 2011


Names: Laura (Chester) and Bill Brickley,

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary Date: September 2, 1983

Do you have children? How many? We have 2 Children, Dan aged 23 and Rose aged 19.

How did you meet? Laura and I met at the dining commons. She was a freshman and I was a senior. Laura and her roommate were at a table across the room and I could see a friend of mine talking to them. He looked at me and I decided to walk over and see what was going on. By the time I got there, my friend was suggesting to Laura that he could get her a date with me. Laura was unimpressed and quickly suggested to my friend she needed no assistance in getting a date. We kept bumping into each other on campus and at a few parties which led to us becoming much closer.

Where was your first date? It depends on what your definition of a date truly is. Laura needed a ride to the mall one day and I had a car. I volunteered to take her and afterwards on the way home, we stopped for a slushy. We met at a Fraternity party shortly thereafter and we took off to go dancing at the Suds Factory. That is when things started for us.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? We used to try to study together in the library. It never worked out very well. We were very bothersome to those around us.

If married/engaged did they propose on campus? If so where? I had graduated and was attending law school at the time. My semester studies were done and I came back to Ypsi to hang out with Laura. She still had one more final to go. Shortly before her test, I got on my knee in her apartment on Jarvis and asked her to marry me. She was mad at me for my timing and lack of romance but said "yes" anyway.

Years attended Eastern: Bill 1976-1980, Laura 1979-1984.

Any romantic advice you would give to students: Don't propose just before a final exam, kind of messes up your mindset for the test.


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