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EMU Love Story: Kelly and Jean Murdock

by Chris Vilag, Published July 18, 2011


Names: Kelly and Jean (Cassel) Murdock

Relationship Status: Married - 23 years

Anniversary Date: July 23, 1988

Do you have children? How many? Daughter (Rachel) - Age 17

How did you meet? We met at Band Camp of freshman year (1983) in late August, before the semester started. I played the tuba and Jean played the trumpet. I had to sing the Huron's Fight Song as part of the "initiation" process, and she thought I was funny. I made a point to meet her at a party later that night.

Where was your first date? September 15, 1983 - after my intramural softball practice, her and two other friends picked me up and we went to the theater that used to be on Washtenaw Avenue saw "Twilight Zone - The Movie". We got pizza afterwards at The Tower Inn. I remember the date so well because our daughter was born on September 15th exactly ten years later.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern?

  • We had intro Psychology together and I'd get her to skip all the time.
  • Our freshman year I lived in Phelps and she lived in Sellers, so that was "convenient"
  • She was a music major and I worked for the University Band office, so we were together every day.
  • Eating at DC1, DC2 or the Huron Hideaway - she always played with her food!!
  • Events with my fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi and her sorority (Tau Beta Sigma).
  • My last semester I was not in Marching Band which was the year of the California Bowl, so I figured I missed out. At the last minute, however, one of the tubas could not go, so I got asked to take his place. Going to the bowl game with my future wife and seeing perhaps the greatest EMU football victory in person was very cool. I missed my graduation ceremony, unfortunately, when the plane back to Michigan was delayed (my only regret).

If married/engaged did they propose on campus? If so where? I proposed on the couch of my apartment, Ambassador West Apartments. I'm not much of a romantic, and I'm sure the place was full of beer cans and papers (I was in the middle of my Business Policy Class, so my timing probably wasn't the greatest).

Years attended Eastern: Kelly - 1983-1987 (and I was just accepted to Graduate School, so I'll be back this fall) Jean - 1983-1990

Any romantic advice you would give to students: Enjoy it! But remember why you are in school, and let that be part of the relationship - building toward a future together.


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