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Kroger Plus Card holders benefit EMU legacy students

by Ellen Weaver, Published July 1, 2011

EMU and Kroger

The EMU Alumni Association is now a part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Year after year Kroger is committed to helping communities grow and prosper and through this partnership every swipe of a Kroger Plus Card will result in more support for the EMU community. Kroger Rewards now ensures that every registered card holder will have the opportunity to contribute to the legacy of EMU through the Alumni Association Scholarship. Established in 1970 the renewable EMU Alumni Association Scholarship benefits recipients in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Designed to make fundraising easier than ever, by registering your Kroger Plus Card you can support higher education just by checking out with your groceries or filling up your gas tank.


This opportunity includes all current and new card holders-Signing up for a Kroger Plus Card is absolutely free and will benefit you as well as EMU. To register your Kroger Plus Card visit and renew annually or as necessary. You may also visit our step by step tutorial at According to Kroger ‘it's easy... just shop, swipe your card & earn!’ Thanks to you and the Kroger Community Rewards Program the EMU Alumni Association Scholarship can continue to assist incoming student applicants and the legacy of EMU. Sign up your card today and earn for EMU at no cost to you!