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EMU Love Story: Andrea Frownfelter and Michael Arbit

by Chris Vilag, Published June 27, 2011

Andrea and Michael

Photographed by: Amber Hunt Photography


Names: Andrea Frownfelter and Michael Arbit

Relationship Status: Engaged

Anniversary Date: We started dating on March 9, 2007; our wedding anniversary will be July 16 in the future

Do you have children? No

How did you meet? A bunch of my high school friends went to U of M in Ann Arbor; one of them ended up being paired with my now fiance, Michael, as a roommate freshman year.

Where was your first date? The first time we hung out together without our other friends was in my dorm room in Wise, where he later asked me out. We got Sbarro at the Eastern Eateries and watched a lot of movies in my dorm room. For the next three years he would come to EMU to visit me almost every day when he was done with classes.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? We spent many nights playing cards and drinking Starbucks. He helped me drag my art projects across campus for the Undergraduate Symposium which I participated in all four of my years at Eastern.

When we graduated in 2010, I insisted that we go to EMU's campus to take some photos of ourselves in our graduation gowns and caps since I love the beauty of EMU's campus. My parents (both EMU alumni who also fell in love at EMU and married in Ypsilanti in 1980) came to campus with us to take our pictures.

Just last May, Michael and I returned to EMU's campus again for our engagement photos with our wedding photographer. Even though we've since moved out to Grand Blanc, EMU still means a lot to us, and we wanted to have our photos taken at a meaningful place.

If married/engaged did they propose on campus? If so where? No, he proposed to me in his apartment in Ann Arbor in October of 2009.

Years attended Eastern:
Andrea: 2006 - 2010 BFA Graphic Design and Watercolor


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