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EMU Love Story: Chad and Kimberly Greutman

by Chris Vilag, Published November 28, 2011


Names: Chad and Kimberly (Hartfield) Greutman

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary Date: October 20, 2001

Do you have children? How many? We have two very energetic boys, Owen - Age 8 and Kyle - Age 5.

Degrees earned at Eastern: I earned a BS in Criminal justice and work as a Security Supervisor / EMT at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. Kim has a BA degree in early childhood education. She works at Lakeview Public Schools in St. Clair Shores as a lunch room and classroom assistant, the same school where our boys attend.

Years attended Eastern: 1994-1999

How did you meet? We met through mutual friends and had spent some time around each other prior to dating. I lived in Pittman Hall and Kim lived in Hill Hall. Both of us were quiet and for the most part kept to ourselves during our college years. I had always thought Kim was someone that would be nice to date but I was a little to shy to really say much other than hello. However one night one of my SEEUS co-workers was throwing a small party at her apartment on a Saturday night in March 1998 in the former Pine Grove Apartments. When I arrived I was happy to discover that Kim was also at the party. With the help of a few wine coolers we finally had a lengthy conversation. Before the evening was over, she untied my shoelaces and that led to a playful pillow fight. Both of us left the party feeling like something special had been created.

A few weeks later I was talking with my co-worker and decided to tell her that I was had a crush on Kim. She happily replied that Kim had also had crush on me and did not currently have a boyfriend. I then formed a plan to ask Kim out on a special date. I was tipped off that she frequently used a route from main campus to her dorm room by cutting through the University Park after a 2:00 pm class. I grabbed a book and sat down on a bench near the Lake House and waited, while pretending to read. Sure enough, Kim was walking towards me and a look of surprise came over her face. I found out that she was going to be on campus that weekend and we made plans to hang out.

Where was your first date? Our first date was at the Lord Fox restaurant and we saw the movie Titanic.

Any cute memories you have together at Eastern? One evening, I let Kim ride around with me in the SEEUS van as I patrolled the north campus parking lots. As I let her out of the van she leaned over and kissed me. That was our first kiss together. Also, watching a meteor shower late one night, just north of campus in a farm field.

Any romantic advice you would give to students? Always be respectful to each other even if you don't always agree on everything.


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