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Teaching Excellence Award recipient Stewart L. Tubbs

by Ellen Weaver, Published October 14, 2011



Stewart Tubbs, professor, College of Business - Management. The Darrell H. Cooper Professor of Leadership and former dean of the College of Business at EMU, Tubbs also serves as a visiting professor at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey.

With multiple outstanding teaching awards and educational experiences, he is a Lakewood High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame member and celebrated educator. He is known for positive feedback and challenging students to always perform at their best. The incorporation of current news stories in his classroom has made a powerful impact on his students who appreciate his uniquely relevant style of teaching His method of presentation of content is as memorable as his openly shared experiences.

Tubbs served as chair of the Management Department and the associate dean of the College of Business at Boise State University before coming to EMU. His career development, completed as postdoctoral studies at both Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, greatly enriched his expertise.

Michigan State University, Kettering University, the University of Kansas, and the Academy of Business Administration of London, England, have all awarded Tubbs for his outstanding conduct as an educator. The author of several best-selling books including Human Communication: Principals and Contexts, now in its twelfth edition and available in Mandarin Chinese, Tubbs has also been published in a variety of professional journals and news sources including the Detroit Free Press and the Journal of the American Academy of Business.

Tubbs received a bachelor of science and a master of arts degree from Bowling Green State University by 1966, and his Ph. D in from the University of Kansas in 1969.