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A letter from German Alumni Chapter President, Chris Puzzuoli

by Chris Puzzuoli, Published January 31, 2012

Chris P

Greetings from the EMU German Alumni Chapter!

My name is Chris Puzzuoli, President of the brand new German Alumni Chapter. Established this past November, the GAC’s mission centered on striving to keep alumni of EMU who share a common interest in German language and culture connected to their Alma Mater. Our goals include hosting relevant activities for our members as well as providing up-to-date information on the German program through traditional and online means.

Our board is comprised completely of passionate and dedicated graduates of the EMU German program who are committed to giving back to the University with their time and effort. Each of us has extensive experience studying in a foreign country and thus has witnessed first hand the importance of living in foreign countries as a means of personal and professional growth. Consequently, we feel it is imperative to spread the word through this organization so that future EMU students have access to those same experiences.

Because our chapter is in its infancy, we kindly ask you register for FREE with us on our website,, and locate us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Simply registering will allow our network to expand rapidly and provide our members with the information and activities they expect from an Alumni chapter.

If you have suggestions, comments or concerns about anything regarding our chapter, please do not hesitate to email us at As we also hope to connect alumni to job opportunities, please alert us to any openings requiring German knowledge or living in a German-speaking country. This is greatly appreciated!

Also, please stay in contact with the Office for Alumni Relations, especially if you have recently moved. You can update your address and request your FREE Alumni Association membership packet on their website:

Alles Gute from the EMU German Alumni Chapter and I hope to see many of you in the near future!

Chris Puzzuoli, ‘10
Eastern Michigan Alumnus