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EMU Love Story: Chris and Rachel Rang

by Chris Vilag, Published February 14, 2012


Names: Chris and Rachel Rang

Relationship Status: Married

Anniversary Date: 08/12/2006

Do you have children? Yes

How many? One

How did you meet? The first time we met I was illegally cooking chicken sandwiches on a George Forman grill in the First Year Center. Chris and I both lived in Walton. I lived on the third floor and Chris lived on the second. I had made a bunch of chicken sandwiches and had a few left over. I decided that taking the sandwiches downstairs would be a great way to meet some of the guys on the second floor. You have no idea how hard it is to find someone to eat something made by a stranger. Eventually I knocked on Chris' door and he was the only person on the floor to take one of my sandwiches. To this day he still teases me, and says that it was very odd to open the door to find someone offering chicken sandwiches, but then I remind him he ate the sandwich. (I would like to add that I went on to be an RA, and you should follow the rules, and not use illegal warming plates, or George Forman grills inside your dorm room.)

Where was your first date? I don't really remember us having an official first date. A large group of us freshmen would meet every night outside Walton and walk over to DC1 together and get dinner, and then come back to the first year center and hang out for the rest of the night. This is how we really got to know each other. I think we just decided one day that we should be a couple.

Any cute memories you have together at eastern? Every semester Chris and I would choose a gen-ed class that we both still needed and take it together. Sometimes it would be something easy fun like drama, or really boring like physics, but this one time we took history together, first thing in the morning. Then we would go our separate ways, until we met up again for dinner around 6pm. This one day Chris looked at me and said, "oh wow, you still have that pen mark on your face, which you had in class this morning." I was so embarrassed. He had let me go the entire day with pen on my face. I had the last laugh though, I aced history.

Years attended Eastern: Chris 2001-2005, Rachel 2001-2006, 2007-2009

Any romantic advice you would give to students: If you have a relationship on campus, try and do things that you both have to do, like study or eat meals, together. That way you still get to see one another without neglecting your school work. Or take a class together each semester like we did.


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