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Teaching Excellence Award recipient Anahita Mistry
College of Health and Human Services - Health Sciences

by Taylor Maguire, Published October 23, 2012

Mistry has been an educator of the program since 2005 in the School of Health Sciences. Along with being an associate professor, Mistry is the Graduate Coordinator at EMU. Some of Mistry's courses include: Nutrition and Chronic Diseases; Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle; and Cultural Nutrition.

Being a thesis committee member has allowed her to help countless students pursue their goals over the years. Mistry uses logical and thought-provoking questions to motivate her students. Her lectures are described as enthusiastic and interactive.

In 2008, Mistry received a grant to conduct a study evaluating online versus on-campus courses presented at Faculty Development Seminar on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at EMU. Mistry has been the recipient of the University Grants Commission Fellowship for her Master of Philosophy and the Council of Scientific Industrial Research (India) for her Junior and Senior Fellowship while pursuing her Ph.D.

Before working at EMU, Mistry started teaching in 2001 at Florida State University. She received both her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany in 1978, and a Master of Science in Zoology in 1980 from Osmania University. Mistry completed her second Master's in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Life Sciences from University of Hyderabad.

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