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Teaching Excellence Award recipient Brigid Beaubien
College of Education - Teacher Education

by Taylor Maguire, Published October 2, 2012

Beaubien began teaching Early Childhood Education and Educational Foundations at EMU in 2005. Beaubien is also a Graduate Coordinator in Early Childhood Education. Some of her courses include: Child Development; Philosophy and Methods of Early Childhood Education; and Implementing Curriculum for Children in Crisis. Her passion for early education is evident and sparks interest in her students. She challenges the minds of her students every day by encourages critical thinking and strong encouragement.

Beaubien was awarded in 2008 with the Dean's Award for Innovative Teaching in the College of Education. She also won the Outstanding Faculty in Classroom Instruction award from the Holman Learning Center in 2004. Beaubien conducted an ethnographic study called, "Resilient Teaching: How Urban Early Childhood Teachers Remain and Thrive in Early Childhood Classrooms" that is currently in the analyzing process for publication. She also conducted a mixed methods study in 2003, called "Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Philosophy of Education." Beaubien is an active member of the American Educational Research Association; Michigan and National Association of the Education of Young Children; and the National Council for Social Studies.

Prior to working at EMU, Beaubien was the Director of Master of the Arts in Early Childhood Education at Detroit Mercy, and an instructor of Foundation of Education at Wayne State University. In 1990, Beaubien received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at EMU. She followed with a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership at Wayne State University in 1997, and she completed her Ph.D. at WSU in Curriculum and Instruction in 2003.

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