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Teaching Excellence Award recipient Margaret Crouch
College of Arts and Sciences - Women's and Gender Studies and History and Philosophy

by Taylor Maguire, Published September 18, 2012

Crouch has been a professor since 1996 at EMU. In her tenure, Crouch has established wonderful relationships with her students. Her teaching style has been described as challenging yet comprehensive and is greatly appreciated by her students. Crouch applies relevant and current material in her courses, with a polished demeanor. Known for her teachings in Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies, she has taught courses such as Feminist Theory; Philosophical Perspectives on Love and Friendship; and Global Ethics.

She has been an active member of various University committees over the years and is currently involved in the Philosophy Personnel and Finance Committee and the Steering Committee, Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences and Society. Crouch publications include "Sexual Harassment in Public Places" in Social Philosophy Today in 2009. And forthcoming, "Sexual Harassment in the Academy: the 21st Century."

Prior to working at EMU, Crouch was an assistant professor at Villanova University in Philadelphia. Since being at EMU, she has received the Distinguished Faculty Teaching II Award and the Michigan Government Board of Distinguished Faculty Award. Crouch received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Colorado State University in 1978 and later completed her Ph.D. in 1985 from University of Minnesota.

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