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License Plates

EMU Pride: Drive TRUEMU

License PlateMichigan residents can declare their EMU pride when they drive!

EMU License Plates are available through the Michigan Secretary of State Offices.

Did you know that proceeds from the sale of each state of Michigan EMU license plate go directly to the Alumni Association and the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund? This valuable program allows the Alumni Association to help children of EMU alumni attend Eastern, achieve their dreams, and continue the EMU legacy.

As you renew your license plate, please consider supporting today's deserving students by purchasing an EMU plate. It's a great way to show your pride in your alma mater and advertise EMU to the community.

If you already have an EMU plate, THANK YOU for your support! Don't forget to specify on your renewal form that you want to keep your EMU plate.

Eastern Michigan pride is alive and well in Michigan. Let's share that pride by making Michigan's roads a sea of green!