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Fall 2014/Winter2015 Housing Contract Information


All students who currently live in University Apartments will be able to access the two-step housing application process starting tentatively on February 21, 2014, provided that your student account is up to date with no holds on the account or you need to be making timely payments if you are on a payment plan. The launch date is subject to change, as we are currently testing and completing the new application portal. Notice will be given if this opening date changes--an email will be sent out to all current tenants and the update will be posted here on our website.


Step 1 of the application will allow you to start the process by verifying your student information on file with the University, learning about Living Learning Communities, reviewing meal plan options, and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall/Apartment Contract. You will have the opportunity of making mutual requests for roommates and suite-mates. If you do not have a particular roommate in mind, the application system offers an optional roommate match program that will enable you to connect with others who are also searching for potential roommates.


You will complete the first step of the process by making a $50 prepayment in order to be eligible to continue to the next step of self-selecting a space. We cannot accept this payment at our office; all prepayments will be made directly to your Student Account.


If you successfully complete Step 1, you will be eligible to progress to Step 2 where you will return to the application system on a designated date to finalize the process of self-selecting your desired housing assignment much like one can select a seat when booking a flight.


Prior to March 24, all current residents that have completed the application by March 17 will be sent an email detailing the next phase of the process. During the first three days of Step 2, the selection will be limited to those students who want to return to their current assignment. No other options will be available during these three days. Please note that some residence hall rooms/apartments have been reclassified for next year and will not be available for self-selection.


After the three-day period explained above, all open spaces at that point will be available to students to select from.


Things you need to be aware of:

In February, you must pay close attention to your email account for contract submission dates. In order to keep your same apartment, you will need to submit a $50 pre-payment and the contract by a specific date. After this deadline, all remaining apartments will become available in the contract system for selection by other students.


Some apartments have been reclassifed and have been made staff/facilities spaces; these units will not be available to self-select. If you access the system and do not see your specific unit listed, it is not available for the up-coming school year and you will need to select a different space.


Regular and Large One Bedrooms in Brown/Munson and One Bedrooms in Cornell and Westview have been reclassified in terms of occupancy (see below).


Brown and Munson Halls will be non-smoking starting 5/1/2014.


Smoking will be limited to K building in Cornell Courts and M, L, and K buildings in Westview. All other units in Cornell and Westview are deemed non-smoking as of 5/1/2014.


Rates for the 2014-2015 academic year will be determined by the Board of Regents during the Winter 2014 semester.


If you only need housing for the Summer semester, spaces will be available in the Village; there will not be an option to stay in any of the apartment complexes for Summer semester only.


601 West Forest will be closed for the Summer; Summer Storage will not be available at this complex.


Summer Storage will be available for current residents in Brown, Munson, Cornell, and Westview. The cost is $300; application materials will be available soon. Please be advised that you MUST have completed a Fall 2014/Winter 2015 contract for your current apartment in order to participate in this program. Transferring prior to going on Summer Storage will NOT be allowed.


Family/Staff/Faculty Housing


For students with dependents or staff/faculty members, you will not be using the contract system to secure/renew a space.


If you are a faculty/staff member or a student with dependents living with us currently, you must submit a Renewal Application no later than March 17. If you have not applied to renew by this date, your apartment will become available to all other applications and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep your current space. To request a Renewal Application, please email Evelynn Benn at:


Whether or not you are offered a new lease will be contingent upon your account being current, having no holds, and your payment history with our program. You must be eligible to sign a new lease by 5/1/2014 or you will be required to vacate and your space will be given to another applicant.


For additional information or if you are a new, in-coming applicant that would require Family/Staff/Faculty Housing, please contact Evelynn Benn at:





As of 4/30/14, Apartments will no longer offer leases for traditional students—we will be using contracts, just like the Residence Halls. Leases will be available for Faculty/Staff and Family Housing only.


Using contracts allows us to automatically place all rental charges and associated fees, damage charges, and cleaning charges on the Student Account. This means that payments will no longer be made at the Housing and Residence Life Office and instead will be paid at the Cashier's Office or on-line through the E-Bill. A specific date will be posted in advance regarding when we will no longer take payments at the main office.


Summer Housing Contracts will become available later this semester after students have been given the opportunity to complete the Fall/Winter process.


Occupancy Information


Apartments is adopting the 'Single', 'Double', or 'Quad' classification for its apartments.


'Single' means that only one individual is permitted to contract for the unit.

'Double' means that two individuals are required to contract for the unit.

'Quad' means that four people are required to contract for the unit.


In Doubles and Quads, you will be required to fill the unit--this means that you and your roommate(s) need to submit a contract and pay the pre-payment, as explained above. Priority will be given groups who are able to fill a space.


If you do not fill the unit, Housing will assign other individuals to the empty spaces. For example, if you submit a contract for a two bedroom in Cornell and do not have a roommate or your intended roommate fails to submit a contract, we will assign you a r andom same-sex roommate.


Brown and Munson

Singles: Efficiencies, Studios, Large Studios, Small One Bedrooms, and Regular One Bedrooms

Doubles: Large One Bedrooms

Quads: Suites

Cornell Courts

Singles: One Bedrooms

Doubles: Two Bedrooms


Singles: One Bedrooms

Doubles: Two Bedrooms

601 West Forest

Doubles: Apartment 1

Quads : Apartment 2, Apartment 3, and Apartment 4

Changes to Pricing Structure


Pricing for Apartments will transition to a per person, per semester rate as of 5/1/2014.


Prices that are currently posted will not be valid after 4/30/14.


Rates for the 2014-2015 academic year will be determined by the Board of Regents during the Winter 2014 semester.

Move-In Dates for Fall 2014


Move-ins will be facilitated on the following dates: Sunday, August 31st, and Monday, September 1st. Times and location to be announced at a later date.


No early move-in will be permitted. You may come to move-in on either of the dates listed above, or you may come to move-in on a later date during regular, weekday business hours.


Price per person, per semester will not change depending on which day you choose to move-in.

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