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Faculty Fellows Seminar

What is a Faculty Fellow?
AS-L Faculty Fellows attend a weekly development seminar where they learn the theories, implementation, and assessment of academic service-learning to integrate AS-L methodology into their courses. Seminars are offered every fall and winter semester.

How to become a Faculty Fellow
All full-time, tenure-track faculty and full-time lecturers will receive application materials. The Office of Academic Service-Learning supports release time for a group of AS-L Faculty Fellows each fall and winter semester. 



Click here to download the application for Fall 2014.




Past Faculty Fellows


Winter 2014

  • Sadaf Ali - Electronic, Media & Film
  • Kennedy Saldanha - Social Work
  • Christine Wall - Aviation
  • Ali Eydgahi-Engineering Technology
  • Zuzana Tomaš - World Languages

Fall 2013

  • Melissa Jones -English, Language & Literature
  • Ryan Molloy - Graphic Design
  • Dan Fields - School of Engineering Technology
  • Christine Scott- Speech-Language Pathology

Winter 2013

  • Ramona Caponegro, Department of English Language & Literature
  • Thomas J. Cieslak, II, School of Health Promotion & Human Performance
  • Diane Parfitt, Department of Leadership & Counseling
  • Robert Peavler, Department of Music & Dance
  • Megan Rickard, School of Health Promotion & Human Performance

Fall 2012

  • Katy Greenwald, Department of Biology
  • Heather Khan, Department of Geography & Geology
  • Rhonda Kraai, Department of Special Education
  • Bill Welsh, Department of Geography & Geology

Winter 2012

  • Dan Bonenberger, Department of Geography & Geology
  • Brooke Dagnan, Department of Communication, Media & Theatre Arts
  • Ana Claudia Harten, Department of Special Education
  • Tricia McTague, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology
  • Bonnie Wylo, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Fall 2011

  • David Dobrzykowski, Department of Computer Information Systems
  • Xianghong Feng, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology
  • Barbara Walters, Department of Social Work
  • Jayne Yatczak, Department of Occupational Therapy
  • Mehmet E. Yaya, Department of Economics

Winter 2011

  • Jessica Elton, Communication/Forensics, Theatre/Media
  • Julie Jahn, College of Health & Human Services
  • Chiron W. Graves, Biology
  • Russ Larson, English
  • Natalie Dove, Psychology
  • Vanessa Marr, Women's & Gender Studies

Fall 2010

  • Janet L. Fisher, Department of Special Education
  • Christine Hume, Department of English
  • William LaGore, Department of Accounting & Finance
  • Janet Reaves, Department of Social Work

Winter 2010

  • Brigid Beaubien, Department of Teacher Education
  • Nina David, Department of Geography & Geology
  • Ed Etter, Department of Accounting & Finance
  • Paul Majeske, School of Technology Studies
  • Andrew Nazzaro, Department of Geography & Geology

Fall 2009

  • Brenda Doster, Department of Special Education
  • Mary Koral, Department of English, Lanuage & Lit
  • Hui Li, Department of Political Science
  • John L. Waltman, Department of Management
  • Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, Department of Leadership & Counseling

Winter 2009

  • Christine Tracy, Department of English, Language & Lit
  • Thomas Kovacs, Department of Geography & Geology
  • James Perren, Department of Foreign Languages
  • Paul Ramsey, Department of Teacher Education
  • Robert Duke, Department of History/Philosophy

Fall 2008, Conducted by Robert Simmons III

  • Beth Ament, Department of Art
  • Steve Camron, Department of Special Education
  • John Drake, Department of Computer Information Systems
  • Myung-sook Koh, Department of Special Education
  • Diana Wong, Department of Management
  • Guey-Meei Yang, Department of Art

Winter 2008

  • Daryl Lee Barton, Department of Marketing and Law
  • Karen Carney, Department of Special Education
  • Jerry Ricciardo, Department of HPHP
  • Philip Schmitz, Department of History & Philosophy
  • Robert Simmons, III, Department of Teacher Education
  • Linda Williams, Department of Teacher Education

Fall 2007

  • Derrick Fries, Department of Special Education
  • Jenny Kindred, Department of Communication & Theatre Arts
  • Jecquelyn McGinnis, Department of Special Education
  • Carol Schlagheck, Department of English Language & Literature
  • Tobias Schoenherr, Department of Computer Information Systems
  • Tanweer Shapla, Department of Mathematics

Winter 2007

  • Susan Badger Booth, Department of Communication & Theatre Arts
  • Marisa Ensor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology
  • Stephen Mucher, Department of History and Philosophy
  • Solange Simoes, Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology
  • Pamela Walsh, Department of Heath Sciences

Fall 2006

  • Laura Eidietis, Department of Biology
  • Donna Killingbeck, Department of Sociology, Anthrogology & Criminology
  • David Leapard, School of Technology Studies
  • Kim Rescorla, Department of Mathmatics
  • Zhirong Zhao, Department of Political Science

Fall 2005

  • Barbara Waddington Ross, Department of Accounting and Finance
  • Melanie Buffington, Department of Art
  • Robert Jones, Department of Geography and Geology
  • Tammy McCullough, Department of Marketing
  • Hitomi Oketani-Lobbezoo, Department of Foreign Language, Bilingual Studies
  • Loreena Parks, Department of Special Education

Winter 2005

  • Edward Garrett, Department of English Language and Literature
  • Robert A. Jones, Department of Geography and Geology
  • Krish Narayanan, Department of Computer Science
  • Ulrich Reinhardt, Department of Biology
  • Philip Smith, Department of Special Education

Fall 2004

  • Pradeep Chowdhry, Department of Management
  • Sock Chung, Department of Computer Information Systems
  • Ethan Lowenstein, Department of Education
  • Michael Tew, Department of Communications & Theatre Arts
  • Nesa Wu, Department of Computer Information Systems

Winter 2004

  • Wallace Bridges, department of CTA
  • Wendy Burke, Department of Teacher Education
  • Michelle Byrd, Department of Psychology
  • Thomas Cianciolo, Department of Accounting and Finance
  • Margaret Coffman, Department of Biology
  • Geffrey Colon, Department of H.P.E.R. & D.
  • Mark Higbee, Department of History and Philosophy
  • Claudia Petrescu, Department of Political Science
  • Christine Tanner, Department of CTA

Winter 2003

  • Elisabeth Daumer, Department of English Language and Literature
  • Lidia Lee, Department of Special Education
  • Maria Serena Poli, Department of Geography and Geology
  • Nancy Prince, Department of Nursing
  • Motoko Tabusse, Department of Foreign Languages & Bilingual Studies
  • Margrit Zinggeler, Department of Foreign Languages & Bilingual Studies

Fall 2002

  • Claudia Bennet (Interdisciplinary Technology)
  • Christine Hume (English)
  • Crystal Mills (Social Work)
  • Nina Nabors (Psychology)
  • Robert Orrange (Sociology)
  • Carla Tayeh (Mathematics)

Winter 2002

  • Jihad Albayyari (Industrial Technology)
  • Louise Jones (Interior Design, College of Health and Human Services)
  • Melissa Motschall (Public Relations, English Language and Literature)
  • Alexandria Oakes (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Kathlyn Parker (Special Education)
  • Barry Pyle (Political Science)

Fall 2001

  • Jamal Bari (Industrial Technology)
  • Doris J. Fields (Communication and Theatre Arts)
  • TeResa Green (Political Science)
  • Peggy Liggit (Biology)
  • Enos Massie (Social Work)
  • Nelson Maylone (Educational Psychology)

Winter 2001 Group 1

  • Peggy Alford (Nursing)
  • Russel Olwell (History and Philosophy)
  • Kelly Welker (Human, Environmental and Consumer Resources
  • Elizabeth Schuster (Gerontology)
  • Marcia Bombyk (Social Work)

Winter 2001 Group 2

  • Jill Dieterle, (History and Philosophy)
  • Zafar Khan, (Accounting)
  • Kay Woodiel, (Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)
  • Maureen McCormack, (Teacher Education)
  • Jessica Alexander, (Communication and Theatre Arts)

Fall 2000

  • David Engen (Communication and Theatre Arts)
  • Gary McCombs (Accounting)
  • Toni Jones (Teacher Education)
  • Sandy Norton (English Language and Literature)
  • Michael Schroeder (History and Philosophy)
  • Beth Johnson (Teacher Education)
  • Giri Jogaratanum (Human, Environmental and Consumer Resources)

Winter 2000

  • Gian Mario Besana (Mathematics)
  • Philip Cardon (Business and Technology Education)
  • Lolita Hendrix (English Language and Literature)
  • Robert Kiss (Finance and Computer Information Systems)
  • Mohsen Sharifi (Accounting)
  • Louis Thayer (Leadership and Counseling)
  • Norman Tyler (Geography and Geology)

Fall 1999

Eddie Bedford (Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)
Howard Bunsis (Accounting)
Dennis Grady (Communication and Theatre Arts)
Lizbeth Stevens (Special Education)

Winter 1999

Lori Burlingame (English Language and Literature)
H.A. Hasan (Special Education)
Gary Navarre (Special Education)
Sandra Nelson (Nursing Education)
Charles Simmons (English Language and Literature)
Rebecca Bowers Sipe (English Language and Literature)
Jody Smith (Special Education)

Fall 1998

Lisa Frankes (Teacher Education)
Christina Jose-Kampfner (Teacher Education)
Michael McNally (History and Philosophy)
Anita Rich, (Communication and Theatre Arts)
Judy Sturgis-Hill (Communication and Theatre Arts)
Jose Vites (Chemistry)

Winter 1998

Polly Buchanan (Human, Environmental and Consumer Resources)
Ramesh Garg (Finance)
Nancy Halmhuber (Special Education)
Rhonda Kinney (Political Science)
Sally McCracken (Communication and Theatre Arts)
John Novak (Biology)
James Robinson (Communication and Theatre Arts)

Fall 1997

Liqun Cao (Sociology)
Thom Cullen (Foreign Languages and Bilingual Studies)
Kate Strand-Evans (Communications and Theatre Arts)
Sandra McClennen (Special Education)
Sarah Moore (Fashion Merchandising)
Bette Warren (Mathematics)

Winter 1997

Joanne Caniglia (Mathematics)
Michael Harris (Political Science)
Susan Kattelus (Accounting)
Ted J. Ligibel (Geography and Geology)
Heather G. Neff (English)
Diana Pancioli (Art)

Fall 1996

Anthony Adams (Sociology)
Elvia Krajewski-Jaime (Social Work)
Benjamin Lee (Interdisciplinary Technology)
Virginia North (Human, Environmental and Consumer Resources)
Susan Ravenscroft (Business)
Darcelle D. White (Business and Technology Education


Polly Buchanan (Hospitality Management)
Jean Bush-Bacelis (Management)
Chris Foreman (Communication and Theater Arts)
Robert Kraft (English)
Robert Kreger (Special Education)
William Tucker (English)


  • Georgea Langer (Teacher Education)
  • Kathleen Stacey (Communication and Theater Arts)