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Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid, Military and Veterans Benefits

Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid are available through the University! Eastern Michigan University and the Eagle Flight Centre are approved by the federal government's Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program. This allows students who qualify to use financial assistance for flight training. Once you are accepted into Eastern Michigan University please complete the application process for financial aid. Applying for financial aid.

Aviation Flight Technology majors are eligible for financial aid to cover the cost of flight training. Financial aid is offered in the following options: Federal Stafford Loans sponsored by the federal government and the Signature Student Loan for aviation students and Eastern Michigan University. The student may borrow up to the amount approved by the university. The Signature Student Loan is a private loan that allows the student to borrow the money needed after the Federal Stafford Loan limit.

In addition to the scholarships being offered at Eastern  there are other aviation related scholarships offered by a variety of organizations. Here is a list to start your search:

VA Benefits

Eagle Flight Centre is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to use your benefits to help pay for flight training as well as other costs associated with attending Eastern Michigan University. 

Please contact the Veteran's Services Department, 734.487.3119, Military and Veterans Resource Center and the Eagle Flight Centre, 734.481.3000, before you begin flight training if you intend to use your veteran's benefits.

Certification of benefits can take several months, so it is important to submit forms to the VA as soon as you decide to begin training. Applying for your benefits checklist

The VA requires Veterans to complete training using the Eagle Flight Centre Part 141 training syllabus and to obtain a second class medical certificate prior to training. Please Note: The VA requires a second class medical, we suggest obtaining a first class medical to make sure you will be able to meet the medical requirements for the airline transport pilot certificate. 


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