We are here...

EMU's Snapshot

EMU Snapshot is a day of showcasing EMU's story as snapped through our institutional accreditation process.
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Making EMU better. YOU are making EMU better.

Making EMU Better

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Perhaps you have seen these signs, with the headline "We Are Here" in your department, around campus...
Who is "we"?
What is "here"?

"We are here" can mean many things.

  • We are here—as it relates to our place within the community
  • We are here—as an institution of higher learning
  • We are here—in our movement toward university accreditation

Continuous Improvement is based on the premise of making what we already do well...better. And in order to do better, to improve, to move forward…we need to recognize where we are.

We are here.

So what's your story?

What are you making better? EMU is filled with stories in which someone has improved the quality of life, teaching and learning. E-mail us at

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A reality checkup before the quality checkup

From March 10-12, 2010, two members of the Higher Learning Commission review team will visit campus. They will meet with various University stakeholders. Their objective is for us to ask them about how we might continue to improve on fostering a culture of continuous improvement and such vital processes as strategic planning, measuring the effectiveness of various areas of University performance, comparing EMU’s performance with that of sister institutions. The Higher Learning Commission is the organization that gives EMU its accreditation.