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Outdoor Event Request

Please review the Terms & Conditions (pdf).

Contact Information


Event Location

Visit emich.edu/maps for location information.
View the 5K route PDF.

Event Date & Time


Event Requests

Check all event requests that apply and give details why the request is a requirement.


Grounds Requirements

The following is a list of grounds related needs that should be addressed prior to each event:
Check all that apply and Additional Details.

Utility Requirements

Does the irrigation need to be turned off?
(Overnight events only)
Yes No

Security Requirements

Your event must comply with the standards established by the Department of Public Safety.
The checklist below will provide a guide to health and safety concerns when organizing your event.
Depending on the nature of your event, some of these concerns may require more detail than others.
Event Checklist (pdf)

Would Health and Safety need to be involved with anything?
(Such as with a car smash or piano smash event)
Yes No

Will there be a need to staff the event?
(Grounds workers or trades of any kind)
Yes No

Conference & Event Services will be in contact with you about your event.

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