Our Student Staff & Volunteers

Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate Assistants support the Coordinators of Activities & Engagement, Greek Life, Orientation and Transition Programs and Student Organizations and also the Director of Campus Life in planning and evaluating campus activities and programs as well as advising undergraduate staff and volunteer board. Graduate Assistant works closely on the implementation of major campus programs and maintains liaison relationships with departments internal and external to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs.

Campus Life Student Staff

Working as an undergraduate student assistant in Campus Life offers challenging, pre-professional job experience to upper-class student leaders who are interested in campus involvement and possess initiative, excellent organizational and communication skills, and the ability to think critically. As a Campus Life Student Staff member, you can represent the student excellence for our department to the campus community and all our audiences. CLSS positions begin at the start of summer semester.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A grade point minimum of 2.5 or above is required.
  • Candidates must be in good academic and judicial standing.
  • Availability to work during the spring and summer is required.
  • Students who will also be Residence Hall Advisors during the academic year are not eligible for these positions.
Activities & Engagement Team

The A&E Team is responsible for the administrative tasks associated with planning, implementing and evaluating a compelling array of campus activities responsive to the interests, entertainment, and educational needs of our diverse student population. Offering campus engagement and aesthetic literacy experiences through a variety of activities including excursions, lectures, performing arts, film, coffeehouse, acoustic and live band performances, union programs, arts and crafts, late night study sessions.

Graphic Designers

Our graphic designers are responsible for designing and producing all publications and individual event publicity materials, including newspaper ads, brochures, posters, table tents, t-shirts, and other promotional items, and for administrative tasks associated with planning and executing advertising and public relations campaigns, as well as print production.

Greek Life and Leadership Team

The Greek Life & Leadership Team is responsible for providing programs, services, resources and advocacy for fraternities and sororities to function effectively and contribute positively to the EMU community; and also providing students with opportunities to enhance their personal and professional skills through LeaderTrips, EMU LeaderShape Institute, Ambassadors, Impact, student volunteer boards, student employment experiences and more.

Orientation & Transition Team

The Orientation & Transition Team is responsible for offering programs, services and resources assisting new freshmen, transfer students and adult learners transition positively to EMU, including Fast Track, First Four New Student Orientation, Transfer In a Day Orientation, and Emerging Leader Series. We offer student volunteer opportunities including New Student Orientation Assistant (NSOA) and Orientation Team of Eastern's Advisors and Mentors (O-TEAM).

Student Organizations and Leadership Team

This team is responsible for providing programs, services, resources and advocacy for over 250 student organizations to function effectively and contribute positively to the EMU community; and also supporting the specific needs of commuters as valued members of the university family through resources, services, advocacy and community building.

Volunteer Opportunities

Orientation & New Student Transition

  1. O-TEAM (Orientation Team of Eastern's Advisors and Mentors)
  2. NSOA (New Student Orientation Assistant)

Greek Life

  1. College Panhellenic Council (CPH)
  2. Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)
  3. National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
  4. Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

Campus Life, 345 Student Center, 900 Oakwood Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 734.487.3045