2014 Student Gold Medallion Awards 
Celebrating Excellence in Leadership, Service, and Community Engagement

About the SGMAs

In 1996, the Student Gold Medallion Awards were launched in recognition of the significant ongoing contributions students make to the success of institutional programs, activities and services. The Student Gold Medallion is the most prestigious award presented by the University.

All currently enrolled EMU undergraduate and graduate students in good standing are eligible for Student Gold Medallion Awards. All recognized student organizations at EMU and their advisors are also eligible – for a list of all recognized student organizations for 2013 -2014 please go to:

The 2014 Student Gold Medallion Awards took place March 25th, 2014 from 3:00pm-5:00pm in the Student Center Grand Ballroom.

This special annual celebration was open to all staff, student employees and student volunteers to attend. Members of recognized student organizations and the advisors of recognized student organizations were also invited to attend.


2014 SGMA Winners

Outstanding Eagle Ambassador

  Undergraduate: Kaitlyn Shepard

  Graduate: Nicole Johnson


Outstanding Leadership by a Student

  Undergraduate: Brandon Britt

  Graduate: Bethany Fort


Outstanding Mentorship by a Student

  Undergraduate: Luis Delgado

  Graduate: Jhonika Green


Outstanding Volunteerism by a Student

  Undergraduate: Haley Moraniec

  Graduate: Sharon Nelson


Outstanding Job Performance by a Student Employee

  Undergraduate: Heather Assenmocker

  Graduate: Jeff Phillips


Outstanding Customer Service by a Student

  Dilafruz Zulparova


Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

  Dr. Alice Jo Rainville


Outstanding Student Organization

  Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association


Outstanding Student Organization Program

  “No Love Lost” (Eagle Radio’s Branden O’Grady)


Honorable Mention

  CloseUp Theatre Troupe