What is SOLAR?

Campus Life and Student Government have collaborated in combining the former events of SOLAR and SURGE. Typically SOLAR has been held in the Summer by to educate organizations about University policies and procedures regarding organizations, and to supply them with the learning tools they need to have a successful academic year.

When we tried coming up with a new name, SOLURGE and SURGELAR sounded just plain silly. SOLAR was the name that we decided to stick with because we felt that this event should focus on Student Organization Learning And Resources, and the outcomes of the former events can be incorporated into this title. This newly merged SOLAR will consist of multiple SOLAR Seminars throughout the year.

Who Should Go?

SOLAR is going to provide a variety of topics including networking and collaboration that both regular members can utilize as well as position holders and officers. Basically, anyone who is a member of a recognized student organization here at Eastern can attend.

When is SOLAR?

The structure of SOLAR consists of 12 sessions. One is held every month on a Tuesday from 7-9p.m. The dates and locations are below. 



9/17/13 310A
10/15/13 310A
11/19/13 310A
12/10/13 Ballroom B
1/21/14 310A
2/18/14 310A
3/18/14 310A
4/15/14 310A
5/20/14 310A
6/17/14 310A
7/22/14 310A
8/18/14 310A


This year there is a point system below is how it works!

How it works:

Each organization has the opportunity to earn points towards a monitary reward. An organization receives 1 point for sending at least 3 members to the same SOLAR session, and 1 point for every 2 members after that. There are also ways to optain bonus points, but the only way you figure those out is if you attend the events. 


For more information please contact Casey Krone ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )